Couple Set Free From Financial Ball and Chain

*Sasha and *Tanya are a young couple who made Aliyah, (Jewish immigration to Israel), at the turn of the twenty-first century from the Former Soviet Union. Though they came separately to Israel, their past experiences were parallel in nature. Neither one had ever had good role models in their lives and their longing for belonging lead them into the wrong crowds. Their names were known among the gangs, doing drugs and consuming alcohol and through this lifestyle, they each plummeted headlong into debt. 

But God, in His great mercy, brought messengers of hope to bring them the good news of His salvation. And in receiving Him, their lives began to change. They met, married and desired to progress in their relationship with God. Yet, in every step towards advancement, they were jerked by the reminder of their debts like a dog coming to the end of it’s leash. Sasha tried to earn money the right way, working hard for his income. But the moment his paycheck reached the bank, the money was transferred in full towards the unpaid debts. In short time, Sasha and his new wife became discouraged. There seemed to be no freedom from the ball and chain of their past mistakes. 

It was in this state that the couple began searching for help. When they learned of the work of CBN Israel, the two began to feel hope. They met with Arik, the financial adviser, and together, they formed a plan. Requests for help were sent to various organizations and slowly but surely, the donations came in. In a matter of months, what seemed impossible became a reality. Every shekel of debt that the couple had accrued was entirely paid in full. 

“We don’t know how to thank you”, the couple said as they followed-up with Arik by phone. “If you were not there to listen, to pray and to help us, we would still be in that situation.” 

Now that the debts have been paid, Tanya has begun studying and volunteering her time to help those in drug rehabilitation. Sasha is working temp jobs while searching for permanent work. And the couple will continue meeting with the staff of CBN Israel for further financial counsel.

*Names altered for privacy. 

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