Single Mother Clearly Sees God as Her Provider

*Aviva felt panic as she fumbled through her purse searching for her new pair of expensive multi-focal glasses. She checked and re-checked the same pockets over and over again. “Where can they be? I must find them”, she thought to herself. She began retracing her steps in her mind of every office she had cleaned that day. Being unable to see either near nor far without these specialized glasses, her world in that moment was a blur. 

As Aviva was looking rather puzzled, she encountered a woman she recognized as a staff member of CBN Israel. “Do you need some help?” the woman asked.  “Yes”, Aviva replied. “I’ve seemed to have lost my glasses, and I don’t know where they could be.” “Let me notify the rest of the staff and see what we can do to help you”, the woman stated with a smile. 

Aviva sat down and began thinking of what would happen if she was unable to locate her glasses. She remembered how much the last pair had cost her, and as a single mother, she didn’t earn enough to afford a replacement. But how could she work or live without them? Even in that moment she could barely see well enough to carry on in her work of cleaning. There was only one thing she knew to do and that was to pray. 

When the staff of CBN Israel received the message that Aviva was in need of glasses, the decision was made to request help from partners to replace the ones that were lost. Within just a few days, donations began to come in. Aviva was notified to visit the office of a believing optometrist who would help her with a new pair of glasses- all expenses paid for. What Aviva didn’t see coming were the multiple blessings God had in store for her. 

The optometrist not only gave her one pair of new eye glasses, but two! And in addition, she was given a pair of multi-focal sunglasses. She received three for the price of one! What once had appeared to be an impossible situation, God used as an opportunity to abundantly bless His child. 

The next time Aviva visited the office of CBN Israel, she was beaming with joy in her beautiful, new pair of glasses. “I am so grateful for what God has done for me”, she said, “and for all the help of CBN Israel.” 

*Name altered for privacy. 

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