A Change of Attitude Brings Change in Income

Several months ago, the financial counselor of CBN Israel, Arik, met a young man who was drowning in a pool of debt so big that no one knew exactly how to begin draining it. From where Arik stood, conquering a debt that size felt equivalent to climbing Mount Everest. But as he began requesting help from the Lord and from financial partners, donations slowly trickled in and the debt was reduced by one-fifth of the size. 

It was not enough, however, to only deal with the debt through the means of donations. A plan of action was created to chisel it away through hard work and a good income. Arik encouraged the young man, *Gilad, to pursue work that interested him as well as to have a secondary job to help pay off the debt. But as Gilad started working his profession, a root cause of his financial struggle was revealed. 

Gilad was a man with strong opinions and was bold in stating his thoughts and beliefs. People found him difficult to work with and his sharp tongue and judgmental attitude towards others was hindering him. He had a reputation for being unkind and no one could trust him as a representative of the company. But it wasn’t only those in the work place that suffered. It was his wife and family too. 

When Arik learned of the situation in the workplace, he requested a follow-up meeting with Gilad in order to discuss these issues at hand. “Your income is suffering because of your attitude”, said Arik. “If you will focus on improving yourself, being more kind to others instead of judging them, you will gain trust and you will do well in your work”. 

Weeks later, Arik received a phone call from a manager in Gilad’s office. “I thought you might like to know what has been happening with Gilad”, he said. “He has changed his mind. He is acting more kind and people here like to work with him. He works so hard now and it’s really paying off! I know you played a part in it”. 

God is always after the restoration of our souls. He allows the deep issues of the heart to surface, not for our shame and embarrassment, but for our healing. If we are willing to let God surgically remove those deep issues of the heart through his word and by His Spirit, we will experience freedom and more of His blessings in our lives. 

“It is the blessing of the LORD that makes rich, And He adds no sorrow to it.”- Proverbs 10:22

*Name altered for privacy


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