English Class for Children of Single Mothers a Huge Success

Though English is a mandatory subject in Israeli schools, many times a tutor is needed in order for the children to keep up with the fast paced education system in a class of thirty students. Most Israeli children learn Hebrew in addition to their native language, making it even more challenging to add English to the mix. For the past six months, the staff of CBN Israel have been exploring the possibility of providing English tutoring for the children of single mothers in Jerusalem. However, several obstacles, including the provision of a suitable meeting space, have prohibited it’s beginning.

After encountering road block after road block, the staff began to pray that God would intervene. It was then the breakthrough came. A prayer center in Jerusalem generously offered an available room where the children can meet. A believing young man, fresh out of the Israeli army, had both the heart and skills necessary to tutor the children. CBN’s Orphan’s Promise provided funding for these classes, enabling the students to attend for free. 

On Thursday, April 26th, the children attended their first lesson. David began with introductions as the teacher and then engaged with them, learning who they are and where they were at in their studies. For nearly two hours, he captivated the children’s attention as he brought learning to life using interactive tools such as games and music. 

“This is so much more fun than our English class at school”, one of the students exclaimed. “This is so good!” the class agreed unanimously. One mother of a student who sat in on the class for the purpose of observation remarked, “I wish I didn’t have to work next week. I want to attend the class too!”

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