A Survivor’s Contribution to the Nation of Israel

On Sunday, May 6th, Holocaust Survivor and Professor of USSR Academy of Science, Leonid Dinevich, invited a group of his friends, including the staff of CBN Israel, to the Tank Museum in Latrun where he works as a radio-physicist, climatologist and ornithologist. Here he introduced the group, most of whom are fellow Holocaust Survivors, to his work with the MRL-5 Radar and shared the backstory of how he and the radar immigrated to Israel. 

In the Former Soviet Union Dinevich was a well respected, Red-Army General, and a specialist in atmospheric physics. He and thousands of his employees researched ways to manipulate weather including cloud-seeding and hail prevention. The information was gathered through the use of the MRL-5 Radar. When Dinevich made Aliyah to Israel with his family in 1991, he met Professor Yossi Leshem at the University of Tel-Aviv and learned of Israel’s need to track clouds and birds through the use of the MRL-5 Radar. This radar could help in preventing hail from destroying new crops, bring an increase in rain through cloud-seeding and also help prevent plane crashes due to clashes with the millions of birds that migrate through Israel. Dinevich was successful in bringing the radar to Israel from the Former USSR, and as a result, both pilots and birds are safe to fly the skies in addition to over a billion dollars of military expenses saved thanks to his research. 

When Dinevich finished conducting the tour of the museum and had shared on his work with the MRL-5 Radar, the group showed their appreciation with words of gratitude. Each of these Holocaust Survivors from the Former Soviet Union can appreciate Leonid’s contribution to the nation of Israel. 

Leonid Dinevich is one of countless Holocaust Survivors who have helped build the nation of Israel these past seventy years. And we at CBN Israel consider it our privilege and duty to return our thanks to these co-founders and forerunners through our care and acts of service. One of the ways we are able to give back is through the distribution of walkers and walking sticks. Leonid and his wife are among many who have received these gifts of mobility, thanks to those who give generously to the work of CBN Israel. Partner with us and help us give back to those who have given their lives to the building up of the nation of Israel!

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