CBN Israel Co-Hosts First Forum For Non-Profit Organizations

For the last year and a half, CBN Israel and FIRM-Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries, have been discussing the need for training of the staff of believing, Non-Profit Organizations in Israel. Often it is the leaders of these Non-Profits that receive training opportunities and benefit from their interactions with other leaders, but the staff of these organizations do not have those same privileges and suffer from a lack of knowledge. So CBN Israel collaborated with FIRM in order to meet the need. 

On May 2, 2018, the two partner organizations hosted a Forum for Non-Profits, where leaders and staff alike could come and receive training. With over two hundred people attending the forum, both the sponsors and the participants considered the Forum a huge success. 

International Director of Israel First Fruits Center for Economic Advancement, Mordechai Weisman, commented, “I think the Forum is a great initiative and I applaud both CBN Israel and FIRM for organizing it. I think this is a great opportunity for people not only to learn and gain a greater depth of understanding in how to run their organizations, but also for the opportunity to network with other believers”. Weisman was also one of the speakers of a breakout session at the Forum and was encouraged by those who came to learn more about marketplace ministry. 

Another benefit to the Forum is the interaction between the older and younger generations. Key speaker, Eitan Shishkov from Tents of Mercy said, “I really appreciate how this Forum gives placement for the older generation to teach and share experience with the younger generation. In whatever way I can help with the next Forum, I would be happy”.

With the newly completed product of Superbook in Hebrew, the Forum attendees were the first to have opportunity to purchase the DVD’s of season one as well as the curriculum to share with their families and congregations. CBN Israel staff member, Yigal Miller, stated, “After five years of working on the creation of Superbook in Hebrew, we are very happy to present the newly finished products here at this Forum. The people seem very excited about it and feel that it will give great value to the children. We hope it will be a big blessing to the Body of Messiah and to all of Israel”.

When the day long forum came to a close, the staff from FIRM and CBN Israel received feedback from the participants of their experience in the Forum. Michael Mustretta with FIRM shared, “The people who came to the forum were refreshed and received the answers they were looking for. The people were very thankful to have this opportunity. In the areas where one organization is weak, another is strong, and instead of working against each other, the Body of Messiah can learn from one another and build each other up”. 

With the results of a great first Forum for believing Non-Profit Organizations in Israel, FIRM and CBN Israel hope to host another forum like it in the near future. 

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