No Longer Afraid

She knew it was a risk…and a dangerous one too, but to leave her home and country by foot offered more hope for her future than to suffer abuse even one day more. Hagara was only a teenager when she left everything she knew in search of a better life. But little did she know that her dream for a better life was still many years and miles away.

Arriving in Israel as a refugee, Hagara met and married her husband who also became abusive and for many years, they were unable to have children. But God in His mercy gave Hagara the desire of her heart and she became pregnant with her son, Nachum. During that time, she met Yeshua and she found the life she had been searching for.

Because of Hagara’s new faith in Yeshua, her husband left his family to fend for themselves as a single mother and a father-less son in Israel.  

Though Hagara’s circumstances were difficult, she never gave up her faith in the One who had given her life. She prayed and trusted God for all her needs to be met by Him. She and her son moved into a small apartment where they had acquired just enough furniture to fill one bedroom and living area.

Through word of mouth, Hagara learned of the work of CBN Israel and began attending the holiday gatherings for single mothers in her area. As the relationship between the staff and Hagara grew, the needs of the family were brought to the light. Nachum lacked a bed of his own to sleep on and a dresser to store his clothing. Hagara was ill and unable to work so the two often wondered if they would have enough food to eat each month.

Thanks to those who give generously to CBN Israel, the staff could make a difference. A bed and dresser were purchased for Nachum, as well as a desk, chair and laptop to aid him with his homework. The family was also provided with food vouchers each month and a large portion of Hagara’s accrued debt from medical expenses was paid.

“I no longer worry about whether I will have enough money to buy food for my son and I”, said Hagara. “And I no longer face life and my problems alone. I know that there is someone who has my back and it’s the staff of CBN Israel. You are a gift from God to me”.

Hundreds of single mothers like Hagara and fatherless children like Nachum have received love, care and hope thanks to those who give generously to CBN Israel. We are grateful for every amount we receive which aids us in accomplishing this important work. Now, when you become a monthly partner, you can receive CBN’s three documentaries free of charge! Find out more about it here. 

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