Rescued From the Road of Destruction

At the time when *David met the staff of CBN Israel, he had dropped out of school and had lost all motivation and vision for his life. He felt abandoned by his father when he left and his mother was afraid for his future. The friends David surrounded himself with were the kind that every godly mother prays would never hold an influence on their child’s life.

When the staff of CBN Israel learned of David’s situation, they immediately offered their help and opportunities for mentorship. Staff member Arik Pelled found an apartment for David to rent with a friend and raised the funds to cover the expense while the two young men searched for work. After counseling with the staff, David found work that suited his skill sets. David also received helped in being re-instated in the school system and has been diligently working towards completing his highschool education.

David began attending Christian camps where he gained new friendships with believers his age. As he is now preparing himself for the mandatory service in the Israeli army, he reflects on all that has changed in his life because of the staff who made an effort to invest in him.

To the staff of CBN Israel, he wrote, “You saved me from deterioration and enabled me to leave the evil society I was in and stay away from it. I learned to develop healthy relationships and get close to the Lord. I worked and learned to be independent and to take care of my needs. You enabled me to study and finish 12 years of learning and do most of my matriculation exams, which opens another door for me in life. As I enlist this summer in the Israeli Defense Force, I come from a place full of motivation to rise and succeed”.

David’s mother has also seen a turn-around in her son’s life. She too expressed her gratitude as she wrote, “You saved me from the fear of failure with my child. You came just in time and gathered my son up into your arms and gave him what I as a mother could not. I don’t have enough words to say, ‘thank you’ and I thank our God also”.

Because of those who give generously to the work of CBN Israel, children of single mothers, like David are given opportunity for mentor-ship and godly, male leadership in their lives through positive interaction with the staff. Help us make a difference in the lives of these children by partnering with us today!

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