Without Your Help, She Wouldn’t Have a Home

Vera left the troubled memories of her past behind her in the Former Soviet Union as she and her family looked forward to a new life in Israel. She, her husband, and their children settled down in a pretty, little town close to the Mediterranean Sea nearby some friends who had made Aliyah together with them. Life in Israel was good for Vera and she was thankful. 

But as time went by, her husband grew ill and passed away. As the loneliness set in, Vera clung to her friends even more. It was through these friends that she learned of the work of CBN Israel and became a member of the program for Holocaust Survivors. Here she found enjoyment in the home visits, holiday celebrations and occasional outings around the country. 

One day, Vera phoned Jenny, a partner of CBN Israel, with great concern. The water pipes in her home were old and had rusted. They had burst beneath the floors and the entire house was flooded with water. She was suddenly without a place to sleep and without enough means to pay for the repairs. 

Thanks to those who give generously to CBN Israel, the staff were able to cover the cost to replace the pipes and restore the floors in her home. While the repairs were in process, Vera found comfort in Jenny’s friendship and hospitality. 

Vera was amazed by the love and care she was shown and with deep gratitude she said, “Thank you so much for all you have done for me! Without your help, I would not have a home”. 

Hundreds of Holocaust Survivors like Vera have received love, care and hope through the work of CBN Israel. Yet every month, we say goodbye to dozens of them as they age and pass away. Now is the only window of opportunity we have to show them God’s love. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us today! 

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