Stabbing Attack in Adam, Israel

On Thursday July 26, three men fell victims of a terror attack in Adam, a settlement near Jerusalem where one of CBN Israel’s staff lives with his family.

The terrorist entered the neighborhood where he encountered a 31-year-old resident, and stabbed him repeatedly in the upper torso. A second resident, 58-years-old, came out of a nearby home and was also stabbed. A third resident, heard the disturbance, went outside, and realizing that an attack was occurring, shot the terrorist.

Sadly, 31-year-old Yotam was declared dead shortly after the incident, leaving behind his wife and two young children, a 2-year-old and 7-month-old boy.

The two other men were lightly wounded but survived the attack.

Our desire at CBN Israel is to assist and support families and victims of terrorism. After a terror attack. These families are left with many hardships, both physical and emotional.

Together with your help, we were able to provide direct, immediate financial assistance for these families. While we know that financial assistance does not replace a lost loved one or heal the wounds, it helps with the immediate cost of the disruption to the lives of the victims. Our prayers and tangible help is part of our mission to provide comfort to these families as they recover from the incident and try to move forward. The injured men will not be able to work and provide for their families for a few weeks and the widowed mother of two now remains the only source of income for her family.

Please pray with us for these families as they recover and as they deal with this traumatic event that has permanently changed their lives.

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