Ann’s Story

Ann’s  Story

In 2003, Ann’s life changed forever, when her husband flew abroad to begin another degree. They had planned for him to go and find a place for them to live and continue their life together while he studied, but soon after he arrived, he called to tell Ann that he no longer wanted to continue to be a part of the family and did not want Ann and their then 8-month-old child to join him after all. This unexpected and heart-breaking news left Ann in the shock of her life – emotionally wrecked and financially unprepared.

At this time, Ann was not following the Lord, but after much prayer and guidance from her mother, she gave her life to Him in 2004 and began attending a congregation, that she and her child are still a part of today.

When Ann’s husband left, she was working a low-paying job that was not sufficient to support herself and her young daughter, as well as additional assistance for her retired parents. Furthermore, the legal situation with her now ex-husband incurred large fees for attorney representation (including an attorney that refused to take her case on the basis of her being a follower of Jesus and refused to return her payment), and unexpected medical bills also arose. This situation quickly led to a downward spiral into deep debt and loans. Although she knew she was struggling and desperately needed help, she had “never had a model or someone to guide her financially, and [she] was so ashamed that [she] did not share with anyone” about her troubles.

Along the way, Ann was blessed with a job that provided her with a much higher salary and helped to reduce some of her debts, but the change was minimal; early in 2018 the department in which she worked closed, and she was suddenly out of a job again.

For years, Ann has attended the Single Mother’s group led by E.L.Y. Israel staff and has received much support spiritually and emotionally, but she did not feel she had the courage to ask for help financially. Then, following a message about being released from slavery into freedom that was shared during the Passover group meeting, Ann felt and understood that she had been “walking around and around in the wilderness for too long,” and she felt God leading her to share with the E.L.Y. staff and ask for financial advising and assistance.

Following her request for help, E.L.Y. staff has been meeting with Ann in order to teach her better financial habits and reduce her monthly expenses. The staff also requested monetary grants from partner organizations in order to help tangibly rescue Ann from the immense debt. In the past month, Ann’s debt has been reduced by approximately 80%, and the support and advising she is receiving from E.L.Y. staff is continuing to help her achieve her goal to become debt-free and not leave this weight to her child.

Ann is so thankful for God’s faithfulness to her and her child, the support of her congregation, and the change that has been able to take place since she allowed others into her struggle. 

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