So much more then we hoped for

In several cities in Israel we organize gatherings for believer single mothers and their children. We schedule these meetings around the Jewish holidays, of which we have several throughout the year.

We don’t just invite the younger single mothers who have young children. We also include those who have grown children who no longer live with them, as well as some believer widows who never had children.

While our intention is to give these moms a fun evening, with a meal and fellowship, we have noticed something extraordinary happen. The meetings became support groups. These women became friends, good friends! They are using their unique gifts to help each other.

And while some of the women might complain, they will be quickly reminded by those whose who have been on this road a bit longer that the Lord is faithful. The slightly older women form an amazing source of encouragement to the single mothers who are still very much at the beginning of the journey. They are living proof that it is going to be okay.

But it doesn’t just end there. These amazing women, with all the challenges they face, don’t just encourage the other moms, they encourage us. We arranged for these events because we want to bless them, but they end up blessing us. Their perseverance is inspiring. Their prayers are powerful. The love they show is overwhelming.

The result of these meeting is so much more then we could have ever imagined. We had high hopes, but we could have never even dreamed to have an outcome like this. These women are living proof that with a little push in the right direction, amazing things can happen.

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