A new fresh start for Adina & Avi

Adina* has been part of our single mother’s group for a few years. She raises her two small children on her own after her husband left her to go back to his home country. She has a strong faith in the Lord and takes her children to the congregation weekly. Adina works as a cleaner and her modest income does not cover the family’s expenses. Because of this Adina slowly built up more and more debt as she struggled to take care of herself & her children. Several small loans have grown into a large amount of debt over a few years of not being able to make payments.

Recently Avi*, her husband came back to Israel. He had found the Lord and felt convicted about the family he left behind. He wanted to be the husband & father he hadn’t been before. Adina agreed to make a fresh start. Praise the Lord for the restoration of this union!

However, making a new start has been difficult. Adina & Avi shared with our staff about the financial difficulties they faced. The ever-growing amount of debt was very discouraging to them. They didn’t see how they would ever get out from under this burden.

Our staff met with the banks where the couple had loans. We were able to negotiate the loans down to a quarter of the original sum on the condition that the remaining amount was paid off in full within a short time span. We lifted up our prayers to the God who restored a marriage and gave this family a second chance. We really wanted to help Adina & Avi, we wanted them to have a real new start, without dept. And the Lord answered our prayers; our faithful and generous partners provide the funds needed to pay off the loans in full!

It is such an encouragement to see how the God we serve is a God of second chances. This story is very special, with a restored family. Not all stories go like this. But over and over we are blown away by God’s provision when we help families get out of debt. Our God restores people and gives them hope for their future, and it is an honor to be a little part of it.

*Names changed for privacy.

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