Helping the Residents in Sderot

Despite the number of missiles launched from Gaza into Israel, CBN Israel’s partners in Sderot continue their faithful ministry to the people who have suffered from significant attacks on their homes, businesses, and properties. 


The people of Sderot are living under constant attack and as a result, deal with various types of psychological trauma, as well as financial problems caused by the security situation. 


Sderot became a ghost town after many citizens fled this war zone, leaving many local businesses without workers and clients. 


The team working Sderot managed to provide psychological treatment and support for several people of differing ages. They supplied them with diapers which, in pursuance of their mental state, were, and still are very much needed.


An incredible story came to our knowledge about a family who fell apart following the security situation, and the mental weight it brought to their relationship. After receiving the proper psychological care, the family was restored and began attending the local congregation. 


We are beyond grateful for the support to enable us to help this local congregation in the south of Israel to serve those in their communities. Because of it,  great work that is being done here in the land of Israel.


May the light of our Savior shine upon you and your families.


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