Single-Mothers’ Retreat

Working with single mothers is an integral part of our work here at CBN Israel. We have a local team dedicated to serving them through providing for their needs and resources. One of the ways CBN Israel provides support for these mothers is through hosting a single-mothers’ retreat.

At the end of July, 45 mothers and 60 children gathered at the Yad Hashemona Country Hotel on a Moshav in the Judean Hill Country outside of Jerusalem for a time of fellowship, fun, and learning about forgiveness.  

Most of the single mothers in the country never have the opportunity to go on vacation. They spend most of their time working multiple jobs, and any extra time they may have includes involvement in their children’s extracurricular activities or helping them with their homework. 

As part of the weekend, the women delved into the difficult topic of forgiveness. We have learned from these women that forgiveness is one of the most challenging issues they deal with as it involves forgiving an ex-husband or someone who has hurt them. As a result, there are times that they feel alone or that nobody understands. These women deal with a lot of pain and loneliness while at the same time trying to raise their children and it takes a lot of energy and strength out of them. 

Dealing with forgiveness as a single mother also carries spiritual implications and at times can be overwhelming. The speakers covered the spiritual, emotional, and physical side of forgiveness, helping these women to overcome bitterness and learn about the freedom that comes with forgiveness. 

We also conducted programs for children of all ages to help them focus on the Word of God as well as rest in His peace.  The families spent their afternoons relaxing by the pools and the children had many hills and open fields to run around and play games with other children.  

The feedback we received from the mothers and their children was heartwarming. 

“I have nothing I can give my son. He has never gone on vacation in his life and I am so thankful for this weekend,” said one mother. 

“My kids and I wait for this weekend every year,” said another participant. “We are so thankful to everyone who made this weekend possible.”

We were honored to make a weekend such as this possible for these families. For them, it was such an unusual experience. The mothers couldn’t believe they didn’t have to cook, clean or run around after the kids. All they had to do was relax and rest for an entire weekend. For many of them, it was an unreachable dream. 

Thank you from the depths of our hearts, for an opportunity such as this. Your donations and generosity make dreams come true. 

May the Lord bless you in every way possible.

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