Youth Camp – Yes!

Teens headed off to summer camp for an exciting time of making friends, having fun,  and growing in faith.

“Serving as a youth pastor for many years now, I find myself facing the same issue concerning the youth ministry in Israel. We don’t have enough programs for them.”

These are the words echoed by many youth pastors around Israel. Our youth lack programs, such as youth conferences, youth trips, gatherings, and many more. 

We are small in number here in Israel, faith in Jesus is a real issue in the land, and many times can cost you, your friendships, and relationships. We are aware of the struggles our young people face, such as speaking openly about their faith without being judged, outcasted, and in some cases, ostracized.

That is why we need to invest in this future generation, prepare them and teach them how to establish a strong faith. A faith that belongs to them and burns in their hearts for generations to come. Our faithful youth ministers, who dedicate themselves to these young men and women, manage to organize youth camps twice a year.

This year’s summer camp included various activities, worship, and studying the word of God together. The theme of this year’s camp focused on serving in the kingdom, daring to dream, saying yes to God and working as a team. 

These camps open doors for new friendships and help them to strengthen their walk with the Lord and to know they are not alone. During the last camp, 16 girls dedicated their lives to the Lord. We have heard stories about some who attend the same school and even the same class without knowing they share the same faith. 

Thanks to your financial support, youth around the country have the opportunity to attend these camps. Your contribution to the future of these young people is tremendous.

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