Meet Eden Hagos!

If you are looking for a real example of faith, courage, and trust in the Lord, Eden’s story is what you need.  She is a 32-year-old woman who has lived through so much.  Life has not been easy for her but through it all she has learned that God is always faithful and is trustworthy, especially when the road is hard and rocky.

Eden married her husband when she was 24 years old. They met in Israel, he was not then a citizen and was still in the process of trying to sort out all his paperwork to prove his eligibility.  This can take time, especially with those coming from countries were family documents are wrapped up in bureaucratic red tape, and some documents are simply lost or hard to find.

Because he was not a citizen, her husband could not work making Eden the primary breadwinner, a situation that required her to work three jobs while pregnant. Life for them was very much like living in between, Eden worked hard yet bills kept piling up. 

Things came to a head when Eden gave birth to a baby boy and could not work as much anymore. Their debts by then were considerable and they did not know how they were going to manage. They had no idea how long their life in limbo was going to be.

Somehow along the way, without really knowing why, her husband walked out on her leaving her alone with their son and all their debts. She was devastated.  Tears filled her eyes as she speaks: “God’s grace and mighty hand together with Arik’s help from CBN Israel are a true miracle.”

Eden had found Christ through a friend from work some years earlier but her walk with Him was not stable. The cares of life, just existing, swallowed her up. Love, debt and disappointments made her walk away.  When her husband left, she found herself in a situation where she had no food to eat, she was starving and had no money to pay the rent, she was just about to find herself evicted and out on the street with her baby.  She had reached the point of no return.

But God had not forgotten her, as even when we are not faithful, He is always faithful. Somehow, she was introduced to Arik, the head of CBN Israel’s family department. Sharing her story with him, he immediately got to work, helping her to pay her thirty thousand-dollar debts, plan a budget, talking to the bank and reducing the amount of debt left. It was to Eden as if God had sent an angel to help her. Arik escorted Eden through the hard times, guiding her spiritually and financially.

Later on, Eden’s husband started to see the changes happening in her life. She wasn’t aggressive anymore. She was calm, loving, forgiving, and smiling non-stop. Eden realized that some of the problems between them had not been helped by her attitude, she had allowed the stress and emotions of life to swallow her. She had not trusted God with her life.  Her husband started to wonder what was this change he saw in her?  Where was is it coming from?

He asked if he could go to the church with her, he wanted to know what this was.  That very first day that they went together, God touched his heart and understanding and he gave his life to Christ.

Arik continued to meet with Eden, following up on her expenses, giving her food coupons every month and school supplies. It took a few years for but finally, she was free from debt, working in a kindergarten and back on her feet.   “If not for Arik’s help and CBN Israel support, I would be in a very dark place, starving and living on the streets. I am so grateful for the help I received.”

Today, Eden and her husband are together, their faith cementing their marriage in a way that they did not have before. And Life is no longer like living in limbo, Eden’s husband received his citizenship papers and has been working, so they now have plans for their future.  And one lesson Eden has learned in all of this is this ……that whatever that future brings, He is faithful and trustworthy, even during the times when we stumble and fall. He never leaves sand forsake us. She has grown in her faith abundantly.

Thank you for supporting the ministries of CBN Israel, you are enabling us to be part of what God is doing here in the Land, making real changes in people’s lives.

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