Providing Love, Care & Hope in Israel

Your generosity allows us to care for Holocaust survivors in need, help struggling families and single mothers, see new thriving businesses develop, and respond with compassion in times of crisis.



CBN Israel exists to tell the true story of Israel and to sustain a movement of Christians who will bless and stand with the Jewish people.

Our vision is to substantially change the global conversation taking place about Israel and to build bridges of hope and healing between Jews and Christians worldwide.

Through Israel humanitarian work, breaking news stories, documentary films, and multimedia resources, we offer you unparalleled opportunities to advocate for Israel and the Jewish people.

Our Staff & Volunteers

Meet our staff in Israel.

  • Danny

    Daniel Carlson holds the position of Director at CBN Israel. He approaches his work with such a giving heart, his approach is to come alongside staff and assist with anything they need to be the most effective they can be in their area of service…...

  • Arik Pelled, CBN Israel


    Arik holds the position of team leader in family financial and economic education. He loves his work and brings a true sense of joy and excitement wherever he goes. He represents the love and care that we hope to show here at CBN Israel. Arik…...

  • Yigal

    Yigal serves CBN Israel as project coordinator of business development. He is a dedicated leader in offering community economic development to those looking to move forward in their professional life. Yigal was born in Israel and lives......

  • Dmitry Schneidman, CBN Israel


    Dmitry serves as CBN Israel’s project coordinator here in Israel. His job fills him with joy as he travels to every corner of the country, meeting new people and giving them the feeling that someone remembers and cares about them. Dmitry was born in Sumy, Ukraine…...

  • Michal Getsadze, CBN Israel


    Michal serves as our prized administrator of bookkeeping here at CBN Israel. She was born in the beautiful country of Georgia, which falls at the intersection of Asia and Europe, and made Aliyah to Israel in 1998. Michal mentions that she loves to be part…...

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