The Envelope System- A Practical Tool for Practically Everyone

The Envelope System is a budgeting method used to visualize where and how money is spent. This method, made recently popular by Christian Financial Educator, Dave Ramsey, helps users to not overspend and accrue unwanted debt. The system is said to help users make better financial decisions knowing that there is no back up credit card to cover frivolous spending. 

The way it works is by labeling envelopes with a name for each expense. Every month, when the paycheck arrives, the money is taken out of the bank in cash and immediately distributed to the designated envelopes. These expenses include monthly bills, yearly payments, savings for vacation, etc. When it comes time to pay the bill, the money is taken out of the envelope and used for it’s intended purpose. At the end of the month, any money that remains in these envelopes (i.e. food or gas), can be placed in savings or used for the following month. If the month is not over and the money has been used up, a choice needs to be made whether to take the money from another envelope or to wait for the next paycheck. The goal, as is with all budgeting systems, is to end up with a cushion of savings, to learn where the money is being spent and finally, to be financially free. 

Here at CBN Israel, we seek to build up the body of Messiah here in the Land of Israel. And one of the ways this is accomplished is by helping families in crisis to walk in financial freedom. We have recently discovered the envelope system including an on-line app making it easier than ever to help families learn budgeting. Here is an example:

In the upcoming weeks, we will begin hosting financial training seminars, introducing these helpful tools that we pray will be a blessing. We will also include gifts for those who attend these seminars such as purse-sized organizers to hold their envelopes. 

We would like to ask you to be praying for us as we plan for these seminars. Please pray:

   1.) For the Lord’s wisdom and guidance. Apart from Him, we can nothing. But through Him, we can do and give all that He is asking of us.  

   2.) That God would bring those who need to hear this message. 

   3.) For the Body of Messiah to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, victorious in all things including the area of finances. We desire to see believers become givers, self-controlled spenders, teachers of God’s ways and able to help others walk in freedom. 

Thank you for standing with us! On behalf of all the staff we pray, God bless you!


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Give it to God

*Alice is a hard working woman who cares for her severely disabled son alone as a single mother. Though she was exhausted from life’s demands, bills needed to be paid and her son needed her help. But the high cost of living, drove her like a hard task master. 

Alice has been a part of the CBN Israel community of single mothers for several years. When we heard of her situation, we accompanied Alice to request government housing for her and her son. Those who receive government housing, need only to pay a minimal amount of the rent, however, the process of approval can take many, many years. 

After being denied several times, Alice expressed, “I am tired of fighting for what I need. I have done all that I can, and the rest I give over to the hands of the Lord.” Our staff then wrote a letter to the national insurance, explaining the circumstances for Alice and why she desperately needed the help. And then, we waited. 

“The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry.”- Psalm 34:15

This morning, we received a phone call from a very excited Alice. “I’ve been approved!” she exclaimed. Unbeknownst to her, Alice had been moved to the top of the waiting list and was given the approval to be placed in government housing. 

Alice’s story teaches us a very important lesson. We don’t need to defend ourselves, nor to manipulate or force our way into a situation. We only need to do what we know is right and then to leave the outcome in the hands of the Lord. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”- Proverbs 3:5-6

*Name altered for privacy

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God Answers Prayer for Healing

One beautiful, October day in the city of Ashkelon, Israel, *Amira limped through the door of a local Humanitarian Aid Center. As volunteer partners of CBN Israel greeted Amira, they took notice of her limp and inquired as to what had happened. She had recently undergone surgery on her leg and just before she walked through the door, she had fallen and impacted the exact area where she had surgery. Amira was very worried about the consequences of her fall and what would come from the pain she was experiencing. “Can we pray for you?” the staff inquired. Amira agreed and the volunteers began to pray for healing in Amira’s leg.

One week later, Amira contacted the volunteer partners of CBN Israel with excitement in her voice. The pain was gone! She reported that just hours after their time of prayer, the pain had greatly subsided, and now, she is healed! Even one month since that moment of prayer, Amira is still pain free. God truly answered the prayer of faith for healing.

*Name altered for privacy


While you are here…

We’d like to ask for your help. At CBN Israel, we desire to see the local body of believers thriving in Israel. Through our work and the work of our partners, widows and single mothers receive care and justice. Holocaust Survivors are comforted. New immigrants are welcomed into community and supported through difficult transitions. Entrepreneurs have a hand up towards a successful business God’s way. And the next generation of youth can grow in faith through the powerful tool of Superbook.

All the work of CBN Israel is made possible through the generosity of people like you. Would you consider giving a one time, or monthly gift today?

Thank you for considering partnering with us!

CBN Israel

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A Hand Up Was All Ron Needed

Ron and Oded are two young men who grew up in very difficult family situations in Israel.  Their hard family lives led to them making a series of negative decisions that was setting both young men on paths of destruction.

Our families department at CBN Israel learned about their situation and recognized the need to offer guidance. With the boys’ mandatory military service about to begin, our team recognized it was a crucial time to step in and offer a hand up.  

Our staff spent many hours, even late into the night, providing counsel and assistance for the needs of both Ron and Oded.  Helping the young men to change schools, social circles and apartments were all part of the process.  And to fill the place of negative influences, these men were encouraged to reconnect with the local body of believers.

For Ron, this hand up became a springboard, launching him forward into many areas of positive change. Leaving the influences and bad habits behind him, he has connected to a community of believers, and even recently attended a summer camp for youth where his faith was strengthened. Those who knew him before acknowledge the transformation that has taken place in his life. We give God the glory for the great things He has done in Ron’s life!

Oded is walking his own pace as he works through the necessary changes. We ask for your prayers for Oded and that he would not grow weary in the process of change and that he would continue to pursue God in all areas of his life.

The Lord loves both of these young men, and though one took what was given and ran with it, the Lord will not forsake the other. For we see how the Lord never lets go in His pursuit of the heart but walks side by side at the pace we are willing to go.

*Names altered for privacy

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Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Sometimes, all it takes is seeing someone else’s success in overcoming similar circumstances to give us courage to take the first step in the same direction. So often, financial success doesn’t come in the form of a large inheritance or winning the lottery. It comes through making small changes today that later become huge transformations. In all our years of working with families and individuals in financial crisis, we have seen this truth play out time and time again. Recently, we rejoiced with a lovely young lady as she experienced the joy of victory over debt.

It was eight months ago when CBN Israel’s staff member, Veronica, first met *Rachel. Rachel was frustrated with the constant minus in her bank account and was looking for a way out of her financial struggles. The two sat together and built a budget, discussing all of Rachel’s expenditures. Rachel saw for the first time the seriousness of her situation and the urgent need to make some changes. The kinds of changes that were needed were small, but relevant to becoming debt free. Restaurant dining would be replaced with home cooking. Buying trendy clothes would need to be replaced with working with what she already had. Thinking through running errands all in the same area at one time could save on gas expense.

Through diligence and perseverance, Rachel is now debt free and encouraged to keep up the steady pace. She is enjoying the fruit of her labor and living within her means. For Rachel, the hard work, denying indulgence and perseverance was well worth the peace of mind and the plus in her bank account.

God is no respecter of persons. You may be tempted to think, “I’m glad it worked for her, but it’s impossible for me.” Remember the words of Yeshua; “All things are possible for those who believe.” -Mark 9:23. If you have faith that God has the answer you need for every circumstance, than with Him, nothing will be impossible to overcome.

After all, you are called to overcome.

God bless you.  

*Name altered for privacy

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