W.G. and his team have been working on building relationships with children in Muslim communities for over twenty years in Israel and the surrounding nations. Many of these children live in poverty- fifty of which are living in an orphanage for abandoned babies. W.G. and his team have invested their lives into sharing the good news with these youth that they are loved by the Messiah and their identity is in Him. The team shows God’s love through medical programs and afternoon children’s clubs. Recently, W.G. partnered with CBN Israel to share God’s love through the means of Superbook! One of the first episodes the children were shown was the story of Easter. 

“We always start our afternoon programs with worship and then a story”, said W.G. “So Superbook is a real help. The children can visualize what really took place here”. The children are also encouraged to re-enact the story through theater, helping them to memorize it in a fun and easy way. Afterwards, there is a time for more worship, food and play. 

While the children are enjoying the afternoon program, the mothers receive love and care as well. A team of single women serve the mothers drinks and provide them with an opportunity for fellowship. 

“We see that these programs have been very fruitful over the years”, W.G. shared with the staff of CBN Israel. “The children who were a part of our program twenty years ago are now adults who are sending their children to learn from us”. W.G. and his team are excited to share God’s good news through Superbook through all of their school age programs in the Middle East.