Here at CBN Israel, we counsel hundreds of individuals and their families in financial wisdom.

We have a team of the greatest counselors and care-takers you can find here in Israel. There are thousands of new immigrants, single parents, young couples and large families that struggle each month to make ends meet. This is where we can often help.

We have team members with various degrees in business, finance and family counseling. These men and women are irreplaceable in the work that they do. Combined in efforts, our team along with donors and partners, we are able to put the financial help into the hands of those who need it most.

“Emnet is an Ethiopian Jew and mother of three kids. Her husband abandoned her and their children. Not only was Emnet suddenly the sole provider, her husband also had many debts which were now her responsibility. Even though Emnet was working hard she wasn’t earning enough and the bank repossessed their apartment. Emnet felt alone, confused and overwhelmed. She didn’t know what to do. That’s when she turned to CBN Israel, our financial counselors gave Emnet food vouchers to help with their immediate needs. They also worked with her to create a monthly budget as well as a long term financial plan. They went with her to the bank to get a loan so that they could move back into their apartment. Emnet and her children are now resettled in their home. CBN Israel staff are in contact with the family, continuing to help and support them. Emnet says that she now has peace knowing that she is not alone.”

Our efforts don’t stop here. We offer numerous forms and areas of counseling to those in need. We charge nothing, and often give financially to those in need. There are additional stories of families that we’re tied down by their debts and struggled to provide for their children. A certain family of 7 here in Jerusalem was freed from their pending debts by CBN Israel and we continue to follow up with them and invest in their financial stability.

“A special workshop for a Messianic Ethiopian Congregation was held in Southern Tel Aviv. Thirty young adults attended and learned the foundations of personal financial management and how it connects to faith. “

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