Meet Eden Hagos!

If you are looking for a real example of faith, courage, and trust in the Lord, Eden’s story is what you need.  She is a 32-year-old woman who has lived through so much.  Life has not been easy for her but through it all she has learned that God is always faithful and is trustworthy, especially when the road is hard and rocky.

Eden married her husband when she was 24 years old. They met in Israel, he was not then a citizen and was still in the process of trying to sort out all his paperwork to prove his eligibility.  This can take time, especially with those coming from countries were family documents are wrapped up in bureaucratic red tape, and some documents are simply lost or hard to find.

Because he was not a citizen, her husband could not work making Eden the primary breadwinner, a situation that required her to work three jobs while pregnant. Life for them was very much like living in between, Eden worked hard yet bills kept piling up. 

Things came to a head when Eden gave birth to a baby boy and could not work as much anymore. Their debts by then were considerable and they did not know how they were going to manage. They had no idea how long their life in limbo was going to be.

Somehow along the way, without really knowing why, her husband walked out on her leaving her alone with their son and all their debts. She was devastated.  Tears filled her eyes as she speaks: “God’s grace and mighty hand together with Arik’s help from CBN Israel are a true miracle.”

Eden had found Christ through a friend from work some years earlier but her walk with Him was not stable. The cares of life, just existing, swallowed her up. Love, debt and disappointments made her walk away.  When her husband left, she found herself in a situation where she had no food to eat, she was starving and had no money to pay the rent, she was just about to find herself evicted and out on the street with her baby.  She had reached the point of no return.

But God had not forgotten her, as even when we are not faithful, He is always faithful. Somehow, she was introduced to Arik, the head of CBN Israel’s family department. Sharing her story with him, he immediately got to work, helping her to pay her thirty thousand-dollar debts, plan a budget, talking to the bank and reducing the amount of debt left. It was to Eden as if God had sent an angel to help her. Arik escorted Eden through the hard times, guiding her spiritually and financially.

Later on, Eden’s husband started to see the changes happening in her life. She wasn’t aggressive anymore. She was calm, loving, forgiving, and smiling non-stop. Eden realized that some of the problems between them had not been helped by her attitude, she had allowed the stress and emotions of life to swallow her. She had not trusted God with her life.  Her husband started to wonder what was this change he saw in her?  Where was is it coming from?

He asked if he could go to the church with her, he wanted to know what this was.  That very first day that they went together, God touched his heart and understanding and he gave his life to Christ.

Arik continued to meet with Eden, following up on her expenses, giving her food coupons every month and school supplies. It took a few years for but finally, she was free from debt, working in a kindergarten and back on her feet.   “If not for Arik’s help and CBN Israel support, I would be in a very dark place, starving and living on the streets. I am so grateful for the help I received.”

Today, Eden and her husband are together, their faith cementing their marriage in a way that they did not have before. And Life is no longer like living in limbo, Eden’s husband received his citizenship papers and has been working, so they now have plans for their future.  And one lesson Eden has learned in all of this is this ……that whatever that future brings, He is faithful and trustworthy, even during the times when we stumble and fall. He never leaves sand forsake us. She has grown in her faith abundantly.

Thank you for supporting the ministries of CBN Israel, you are enabling us to be part of what God is doing here in the Land, making real changes in people’s lives.

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Supporting Single Mothers

School is out and we are in the middle of summer break. It is difficult for a parent to both work and take care of their child. As a result, our single mothers are struggling.

The government doesn’t provide a summer education program, and the private school’s system is unreasonably expensive.

Our “single mother’s” department is busier than usual as single mothers continue to call and ask for help with the basic need of feeding their children.

We are doing everything there is to be done, to provide these wonderful mothers with the help they need, by giving food coupons and other necessary supplies.

Thank you for standing in prayer with us, and for your commitment to our ministry, you are the ones who make it all possible. To partner with us and help these single mothers, click here.

May the Lord bless you and your families.

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The End from the Beginning

ELY Israel has had the privilege of aiding and supporting many new immigrants to Israel, especially those with unstable family situations and are facing crisis. We are privileged to act as the hands and feet of Messiah for vulnerable women and children through our Families Department. For many of these women who live in Israel, or have been through grueling circumstances to immigrate (make Aliyah), their future feels so unsure, but many find faith through the small acts that ELY can provide to know that God has a plan for them, for He “declares the end from the beginning”.

A recent testimony from one of the single mothers ELY has provided on-going assistance for was especially striking, as her whole journey was riddled with unknowns for her and her family. A few years ago, M made Aliyah to Israel with her young child. She was Jewish, but only on her paternal side, therefore her elderly mother was forced to remain in their home-country in Eastern Europe. The separation was agonizing, but everyone agreed it was necessary for M and her son to have a chance at a leading a better life. Time passed, and M received word that her mother had fallen seriously ill, and was at severe risk alone. In a panic, M made arrangements for her mother to be brought to Israel for better medical care. The stress of her condition became so heavy, as M was forced to take out loans to finance her mothers’ treatment. In the end, the financial debt she accumulated and the emotional burden was too much, so M, her mother and child made the fateful decision to return to their country of origin without future prospects to return to Israel.

Their hearts were broken to leave the land they loved, but feared that if they returned to Israel the debt M had accrued there would be crushing, and she may even be at risk of arrest if she reentered the country. However, as time passed, M realized she was willing to take the gamble, as she would rather sit in jail than never return to Israel. With only her faith propelling her forward, she knew the Lord had put Israel on her heart for a reason, and that His provision would be her solace. She thanks God that she was never arrested, but M still faced problems of finding work to pay down her debt. Once again she found herself facing the brink of no longer being able to remain in Israel when she was contacted by an ELY representative who delivered a miraculous message. ELY Israel wished to stand alongside M, to assist with her debt, help her prosper and provide for her family.

Immediate support included gift cards and vouchers for her to pay for food and necessities. It was the first month in such a long time that M did not have to worry about affording basic needs after her monthly debt portion had been paid off. Secondly, ELY Israel contracted a lawyer to advise M with her financial issues, and with the help of God, she was absolved of her debt within the year! Once she was out of crisis ELY Israel did not dissert her, instead they invested in M’s future with career counseling, which led to her receiving a scholarship for a tourism and travel agent training course. Today M is at the end of her studies, and is already working in her field of choice! She says that she feels the ultimate success was that she not only can provide for herself and her child with dignity, but she has also been liberated from emotional and financial burden. She is a living testimony of faith and liberation for at-risk women who see no realistic way of getting out of their current circumstances. M’s deepest appreciation goes to ELY Israel for “seeing my problems in all of their complexity, and helping to lift me out of my lowest point”. It is difficult to see that the Lord has a plan and a path to deliver us from our most difficult life circumstances, but with an abounding faith, and employees to show God’s love to those who are struggling, women like M have found better futures in the Holy Land.


(Names altered for privacy purposes)


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A Renewal for the Spring Season – Single Mothers’ Gathering

As Spring begins to bloom across Israel, flowers peek out from behind a long winter’s frost and animals rise from their deep slumber. From biblical to modern times, Spring has always symbolized renewal and reawakening. The Jews celebrate the coming of Pesach/Passover when God liberated His chosen people from their enslavement in Egypt, and through their Exodus, they wandered for 40 years in the desert until they renewed their identity as free people. For Christian Believers, this is also a season of renewal as Jesus’ miraculous resurrection is the ultimate symbol of revitalization in both body and spirit. However, for many disadvantaged women, there are few opportunities to see themselves outside of the role that society and their life circumstances have placed them in.

Across Israel, CBN works with different congregations to bring together groups of widows, single mothers, and victims of abuse in different cities to create a space of fellowship to share their common struggles and build a community of support. This past week, CBN Israel hosted a group of Jerusalem Believers for a seasonal dinner to share a meal and connect as the Spring season approaches. There were 35 women in attendance, many of whom have been present at previous events as well. The women were gathered to sing worship together, enjoy a meal, pray in small and larger groups, receive food vouchers for the coming season to support their families, and receive teaching on the renewal of one’s identity in faith.

The teaching was based on the Old Testament book/Megillah Song of Solomon. From Chapter 1 through 8 this book follows a woman who undergoes a transformation in self-perception, and this is exactly what the CBN Israel staff tried to inspire in the attendees of this event. The woman at the beginning of the passage is described as dark due to sun exposure from tending to her brother’s vineyard and neglecting her own – Look not upon me, that I am swarthy, that the sun hath tanned me; my mother’s sons were incensed against me, they made me keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept’ (Song of Solomon 1:6). We can see that she forgoes self-prosperity for neglect, and lives into the role that was set for her. Her identity is conflicted though, as she describes herself as beautiful like ‘the tent of Solomon’, yet she knows she is viewed in contempt by her brothers and is described as dark and gloomy. In Chapter 2 we can see how the Spring season brings in transformation, as her newfound beloved calls her out of her hiding place, wishes to hear and see her, and wishes for her to be visible to all.

The teaching shows that it is easy to become this woman; A woman that sees herself through the lens of others or gets stuck in her own self-perception. However, we can choose what kind of mirror to look through, and the truest reflection is found through the lens in which God sees us. Life is a journey of balancing these different views, and at last in Chapter 3 the woman is shown as having a renewed way of describing herself. She speaks to her own strength as a border wall, and how she has become “[…] in his eyes like one bringing contentment”. Lastly, the woman states, “my own vineyard is mine to give”.

The teaching clearly had a large effect on the women of the event, as many were moved to reevaluate what lens they viewed themselves through, and how in this new season they may feel empowered to seek His lens first, how they may prosper their own fruit of transformation in their lives, and how they may seek to be a strong figure through the love of God. CBN hopes to bless more disenfranchised women throughout the country to begin a season of renewal in the Lord. It is through your support and partnership with CBN Israel that events for female empowerment such as this one can take place within the local Body of Messiah. From the CBN Israel staff and the beneficiaries we support, we say “thank you”!   

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A Simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

“Again, you have heard that is was said to the people long ago, ‘do not break your oath, but fulfill to the Lord the vows you have made’. But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne; or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. And do not swear by your head, for you can not even make one hair white or black. All you need to say is simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’; anything beyond this comes from evil.” Matthew 5:33-37

I don’t know about you but the part that caught my attention in this part of scripture was that we can not make one hair white or black. I got my first white hairs when I was a teenager. Now I tried to change my hair color as I was not very happy to have my hair turn white at such a young age. And while I successfully covered up my white hairs with hair dye, over time the hair color would fade. My hair would grow out and the roots would be white. Because despite what it might say on some box of hair dye, only the God who created heaven & earth can permanently change our hair color.

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Matthew 10: 29 – 31

As we continue reading in the gospel of Matthew we find the Lord Jesus speaking about hair again. While the Lord Jesus uses a new example, the hairs on our heads, the trust that the Lord God knows us intimately was not something new for the disciples. They were most likely familiar with the words of King David from Psalm 139; ”You know when I stand and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely. You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand on me.” (verse 2 – 5)

The Lord does not make things complicated, on the contrary.  He asks for a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

On the days that I worry because life is becoming too overwhelming, it is a great comfort to me that I can pray; “Lord God, I trust you. I find comfort in knowing that you have numbered the hairs on my head. Help me to not be afraid. Thank you for your loving reminder of your amazing love for me.”

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When Cynthia’s Dream Came True

Have you ever passed by the homeless on the street and assumed that what brought them to that place was a series of poor decisions? Or have you ever thought that a single mother was single because she wanted her freedom and wasn’t willing to make things work with the man she married? Perhaps what comes to mind when you meet a house cleaner is that they have no education or motivation to progress in life?

Unfortunately, too many times we assume we know the story just by what we see. But the truth is, not everyone’s story is according to our assumptions. Take the nation of Israel for example. This country is made up of people groups from around the world. Immigrants from Ethiopia, Ukraine, the Americas and the like all come to Israel in search of a home. But these immigrants face incredible challenges, one of which is learning the Hebrew language. Parents who make Aliyah with their children come with very little and need to find work immediately or they will not be able to eat or rent an apartment. Many of these immigrants make Aliyah with skills, knowledge and degrees from their homelands. But without the ability to communicate in Israel’s national language, their degrees and skill-sets are entirely unusable. They must choose to either learn the language and face a mound of debt, or to work jobs such as house cleaning in order to feed themselves and their families. 

*Cynthia, like many other single mothers, shared this exact predicament with the staff of CBN Israel. She had made Aliyah nearly two decades ago, but being abandoned by her husband, she had no choice but to find menial jobs to cover hers and her children’s basic needs. With determination, Cynthia managed to teach herself the Hebrew language over time and even began helping others who were struggling in their Hebrew courses. She dreamed of the day that she too could take courses in Hebrew, specifically the study for tour guiding. It was no longer the Hebrew that was holding her back, but the finances. The expense for such a course was well beyond her small, monthly income. 

When the staff saw the obstacle that was keeping Cynthia in this holding pattern of poverty, they worked on gathering the funds needed to pay her way through her studies. The funds came through and Cynthia was told the great news. “Thank you so much!”, she enthusiastically exclaimed. Presently, Cynthia is enrolled in her studies towards her dream come true. 

*Name altered for privacy.

It is because of those who give to CBN Israel that immigrants, both new and old, are finding help and hope in their times of need. Would you consider partnering with CBN Israel and helping us make a very real impact on the lives of real people? On behalf of our staff and the many lives we have touched through your support we say, “Thank you!”

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Every Mom Needs a Break

The goal was to give a group of single mothers in Jerusalem a much needed break from their daily grind and to show them how much they are loved and cared for. The staff of CBN Israel prepared a two day weekend funded by generous donors where the women could enjoy time with their kids, each other and the Lord. The weekend began with several hours of fun in the sun at a swimming pool located in a beautiful forest in central Israel. The mothers talked, the children played and everyone enjoyed some light snacks and refreshing popsicles!


Later Friday evening, the group was checked into a hotel and then treated to a sit down dinner. As one single mother picked up a plate before dishing up her meal she gasped, “Ah! I didn’t have to make this food myself! This is so wonderful!”

After the women and children were physically fed, it was time for some spiritual food. The evening meeting began with songs of praise to God and then an elderly woman took her place at the front to speak. “You may think the worst things only happen to you”, she said. “But remember, God is with you and He WILL bring you through this”. The words held weight coming from this widowed, single mother who held this status for many-many years. She identified with the women in the room but had learned to overcome the struggles they shared in common. Like a group of young soldiers listening intently to an experienced general, every mother present seemed to glean something from the buffet of wisdom before then that night. After the message was over, many of the moms approached the “general” to have a personal exchange of conversation and to share their appreciation.

The next morning was Shabbat. The group was well rested and rather ecstatic about being in a hotel. For these women who work hard to pay rent and feed their little ones, the thought of dining out or enjoying a vacation is often nothing more than a wish or a dream. For the staff of CBN Israel, seeing the ecstasy of these often exhausted mothers only added to their joy in giving.

The shabbat schedule was full of more times of worship, anointed messages and enjoyable experiences for both the women and their children. In order for the moms to be able to spend some time alone with the Lord and to share more personally with one other, the staff of CBN Israel treated all the children to an innocent movie in a near by theater followed by a meal at McDonald’s.

In the evening meeting, the ladies were encouraged to do something out of the ordinary. Each mother and child were given one helium balloon per family and a card to tie to the end of it. They were encouraged to write down what they felt the Lord wanted to set them free from in their lives. For some, it could be unforgiveness towards the man that left them. For others, it could be fear of the future. When the women were ready, they released the balloons into the air and watched as they vanished out of sight along with the burdens they wrote down.There was a time of prayer that followed and more worship to the Lord.

The sun set over the hills around Jerusalem, displaying colors of red and pink in the evening sky. It was time for the women and children to head back to their homes. Endless exchanges of ‘thank-yous’ and appreciation were expressed by the mothers who had been so refreshed by all that took place that weekend. One woman shared, “this group has become a real place of community for us single mothers and we are reminded every time that we are not alone”.

We may never know the extent of the impact these meetings for single mothers have not only those who attend, but on the generation that comes after. And this impact could not have been possible without the help of people like you who generously support the work of CBN Israel. If you desire to see real lives changed in Israel by the tangible love of God, partner with us today!

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No Longer Afraid

She knew it was a risk…and a dangerous one too, but to leave her home and country by foot offered more hope for her future than to suffer abuse even one day more. Hagara was only a teenager when she left everything she knew in search of a better life. But little did she know that her dream for a better life was still many years and miles away.

Arriving in Israel as a refugee, Hagara met and married her husband who also became abusive and for many years, they were unable to have children. But God in His mercy gave Hagara the desire of her heart and she became pregnant with her son, Nachum. During that time, she met Yeshua and she found the life she had been searching for.

Because of Hagara’s new faith in Yeshua, her husband left his family to fend for themselves as a single mother and a father-less son in Israel.  

Though Hagara’s circumstances were difficult, she never gave up her faith in the One who had given her life. She prayed and trusted God for all her needs to be met by Him. She and her son moved into a small apartment where they had acquired just enough furniture to fill one bedroom and living area.

Through word of mouth, Hagara learned of the work of CBN Israel and began attending the holiday gatherings for single mothers in her area. As the relationship between the staff and Hagara grew, the needs of the family were brought to the light. Nachum lacked a bed of his own to sleep on and a dresser to store his clothing. Hagara was ill and unable to work so the two often wondered if they would have enough food to eat each month.

Thanks to those who give generously to CBN Israel, the staff could make a difference. A bed and dresser were purchased for Nachum, as well as a desk, chair and laptop to aid him with his homework. The family was also provided with food vouchers each month and a large portion of Hagara’s accrued debt from medical expenses was paid.

“I no longer worry about whether I will have enough money to buy food for my son and I”, said Hagara. “And I no longer face life and my problems alone. I know that there is someone who has my back and it’s the staff of CBN Israel. You are a gift from God to me”.

Hundreds of single mothers like Hagara and fatherless children like Nachum have received love, care and hope thanks to those who give generously to CBN Israel. We are grateful for every amount we receive which aids us in accomplishing this important work. Now, when you become a monthly partner, you can receive CBN’s three documentaries free of charge! Find out more about it here. 

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Rescued From the Road of Destruction

At the time when *David met the staff of CBN Israel, he was a high school dropout living without a sense of vision or value. In one of the most vulnerable times of his life, his father left, leaving him and his mother to fend for themselves. At that point, David’s only comfort was with the kind of “friends” that every godly mother prays would never hold influence on her child’s life.

Through the on-going meetings for single mothers and their children, the staff became acquainted with David and gained his trust. He was offered the opportunity to move closer to the CBN office rent free while they worked together on building up both him and his future. David agreed to the idea and soon moved into an apartment with another young man in mentorship. After counseling with the staff, David found work that suited his skill sets. He also received helped in being re-instated in the school system and has been diligently working towards completing his highschool education.

David began attending Christian camps where he gained new friendships with believers his age. As he is now preparing himself for the mandatory service in the Israeli army, he reflects on all that has changed in his life because of the staff who made an effort to invest in him.

To the staff of CBN Israel, he wrote, “You saved me from deterioration and enabled me to leave the evil society I was in and stay away from it. I learned to develop healthy relationships and get close to the Lord. I worked and learned to be independent and to take care of my needs. You enabled me to study and finish 12 years of learning and do most of my matriculation exams, which opens another door for me in life. As I enlist this summer in the Israeli Defense Force, I come from a place full of motivation to rise and succeed”.

David’s mother has also seen a turn-around in her son’s life. She too expressed her gratitude as she wrote, “You saved me from the fear of failure with my child. You came just in time and gathered my son up into your arms and gave him what I as a mother could not. I don’t have enough words to say, ‘thank you’ and I thank our God also”.

Because of those who give generously to the work of CBN Israel, children of single mothers, like David are given opportunity for mentor-ship and godly, male leadership in their lives through positive interaction with the staff. Help us make a difference in the lives of these children by partnering with us today!

*Name altered for privacy

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Set Free From a Financial Nightmere

*Vera’s husband was the main bread winner for their family. He was in charge of the family’s finances. So when he decided to walk away, all the responsibility fell suddenly on Vera. At that time, Vera’s mother, who lived outside of Israel, became ill and was in need of home care assistance. Vera couldn’t imagine abandoning her widowed mother the way she had felt abandoned. So she sent her what little she had to help her get the care that she needed. But as a newly single mother, the financial burden was more than she could shoulder. 

When funds began to dry up, she took out a loan to cover her minus in the bank. Then she took out another loan to help her with monthly expenses. The debts she owed and the interest that accrued with them began to swallow every shekel that she worked hard for. Vera soon found herself in a financial nightmare; one of which she couldn’t wake up from on her own.

It was then that a friend told her of the work of CBN Israel. When the staff met with Vera, she was so thankful to know that help was on it’s way. A donation was given to close out one loan and the staff began assisting in reducing her interest with the other. As struggles with various institutions arose, the staff were present to defend Vera and get her the help she deserved.

With great gratitude, Vera shared with the staff, “You can’t imagine what you did for me. It was a miracle! I can hardly believe it! I had lost hope, but it was right in the time of Passover that you came and helped me out of my dessert! I was struggling alone, trying even to find someone who would care to listen to what I was going through. But many people didn’t know how to help me, so I learned to keep quiet. But you came and asked and you asked with sincerity. You didn’t just say you would pray, but you prayed for practical ideas of how to act on my behalf.”

Today, Vera is able to make payments towards her debt as well as afford her monthly expenses. And she has become a part of CBN Israel’s community for single mothers in her local area. 

“Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”- Isaiah 1:17

In Israel, many single mothers know all too well the nightmare that Vera experienced. That is why CBN Israel seeks to not only assist widows and single mothers with their financial struggles, but also to provide education through financial training seminars. Through these seminars, attendees learn how to avoid financial pitfalls, godly principles for stewarding money and how to work with the financial institutions specifically in Israel. These are all made possible through the prayers and support of those who give generously to CBN Israel. Become a partner and make a difference in Israel today! 

*Names altered for privacy


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