One of the most important things you can do is pray for Israel and her people.

Here are 25 ways you can pray for Israel and the surrounding region:

1. Pray for Israel and her people in the aftermath of October 7th, the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

2. Pray for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the security cabinet, and all Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) leaders.

3. Pray for the mental health of all Israelis who have faced varying degrees of traumaespecially those who witnessed unspeakable atrocities.

4. Pray for Israelis suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that they will receive the professional help and healing they need.

5. Pray for the remaining hostages who are still being held captive in Gaza by Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

6. Pray for the families of hostages who are suffering from anxiety, trauma, and sleepless nights as they await the outcome.

7. Pray for the scientists and experts who have been trying to determine the identity of the bodies and other human remains.

8. Pray for Israeli families as hundreds of thousands of active and reserve IDF must serve their country away from home.

9. Pray for every member of the IDF for safety and victory anywhere they are defending their country by land, sea, air, and cyber security.

10. Pray for families and friends suffering the loss of brave IDF soldiers, as well as all civilians who were murdered or are still captives.

11. Pray for Israelis to maintain patience in supporting the IDF to implement their strategies in what will likely be a long war.

12. Pray for thousands of expert civilians who are using intelligence platforms on computers to locate hostages in Gaza.

13. Pray for the innocent Palestinian men, women, and children whom Hamas continues to use as disposable human shields.

14. Pray for the millions of Palestinians who have been indoctrinated with lies and misinformation about Israel and the Jewish people.

15. Pray for Palestinians to reject the ideology of hatred and antisemitism that so many of them were taught since they were children.

16. Pray for the Jewish people to continue to renew their faith and hope, recalling that for centuries God has redeemed and preserved them.

17. Pray for Christians to rise up in massive numbers to speak up for Israel and rush emergency aid to terror victims and displaced families.

18. Pray for Christians to strongly oppose all forms of antisemitism and to stand in solidarity with their Jewish brothers and sisters.

19. Pray for Christians to use their circles of influence to communicate facts from reliable sources like CBN Israel and CBN News.

20. Pray for our CBN Israel team as we rush emergency relief to terror victims, war zone evacuees, and others impacted most.

21. Pray for our CBN News team in Jerusalem as we work around the clock to report the unbiased truth during these unprecedented times.

22. Pray for the global mainstream media to be held accountable for how they report what is happening in Israel and the Middle East. 

23. Pray for the children of Abraham—the sons of Isaac and Ishmael—to overcome their seemingly irreconcilable differences and pursue true peace.

24. Pray for the expansion of the historic Abraham Accords and that more Arab countries will choose to recognize the Jewish nation.

25. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) and the entire Middle East region.