Single Mother: Yafit’s Story

Yafit was young, Ethiopian, and Jewish—and she fulfilled a major dream when she immigrated to Israel in 1991. Surviving the transition of leaving her little farming village for a new country, she eventually got a great job, married, and had four children. Life was good. And then suddenly, four years ago, her husband abandoned her and the children, and fled the country. 

At age 47, Yafit went overnight from years of being a caregiver for her children, to being the sole breadwinner of her family. Her youngest child was five years old with Down syndrome.

Added to that, her apartment was old, and desperately needed repairs. The contractor she paid only made matters worse—and then he abruptly stopped work, without giving her any compensation. Yafit’s bills were piling up… and when COVID-19 hit, food was scarce. 

Thankfully, CBN Israel arrived with help. We provided groceries for her family, and financial aid to catch up on her bills. We also repaired her apartment, making it safe—and with a local partner, delivered brand new sofas, plus a dining table and chairs. Best of all, friends like you gave Yafit hope. She exclaimed, “Thank you so much… I am so touched by your generosity!” 

And your gift can give hope to many single mothers, as well as elderly Holocaust survivors, immigrant families, terror victims and others. You can be there with food, housing, job training, financial help—and encouragement! 

At a time when so many are in need, you can offer humanitarian aid to those who are suffering—while also delivering vital reports through CBN News and sharing Israel’s story through documentary films. 

Please help us make a difference!


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