Emergency Relief for Ukrainian Jewish Refugees

Israel needs your help! She needs Christians like you to stand in solidarity with her and help care for her people who are streaming in by the thousands from Ukraine.

“They lost everything. That’s the reality,” said an Israeli medic at an overwhelmed Ukrainian border crossing. “Many are coming with nothing. Most are women with children, grandmothers, and the elderly.” Men must stay and fight the Russians.

“All are very hungry. There are no grocery stores along the road out,” added the medic. “And what normally takes a few hours to exit Ukraine, now takes several days because of the mass exodus.”

This is the tragic situation for thousands of Jewish refugees who struggle to leave their war-torn homes in Ukraine for safety and freedom in Israel. With Russian bombings and shelling right behind them, Israel is in fact the Promised Land.

This international “humanitarian crisis” of up to a projected 4 million refugees has deeply impacted Israel and the Jewish refugees who are fleeing there. 

Sadly, the most vulnerable ones are hit the hardest: the elderly, Holocaust survivors, children, and poverty-stricken families. What little they had, is even less now. Many left with just the clothes on their backs and what they could carry in their arms, or drag behind them. 

Thanks to compassionate friends like you, CBN Israel is once again on the front lines of defense and rescue for Jewish people struggling in Israel to make new lives for themselves. 

There is a great need for food, clothing, temporary shelter, blankets, ground transportation, medical care, and a long list of other critical needs.

It is essential that we move quickly. We must provide more lifesaving necessities and rescue for these displaced Jewish people and many other children of Abraham like them.

Through God’s grace, and with your prayers and gifts, the Ukrainian Jews who have safely reached Israel can receive the life-changing assistance they desperately need as they cope with their world turned upside down.

And as you send your gift of Christian love and care, remember that your blessing is also at hand as Genesis 12:3 promises us:

“I will bless those who bless you [Israel].”

Will you join us in helping our Jewish brothers and sisters in great need?


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