Widow in Need: Polina’s Story

When Polina and her husband immigrated to Israel in 2004, they found the historic Galilee area a beautiful place to put down roots. But soon, they discovered that there were few good job opportunities—and the very low socio-economic conditions made it difficult to thrive. 

Polina eventually found work at a local factory to help pay the bills. Then, about three years ago, her husband tragically lost his life to cancer. Polina, now 58 years old, has struggled ever since his death to survive alone on a meager income. 

Sadly, her small, dilapidated apartment often floods, causing toxic mold—a major health hazard. Because of her limited income, she can’t even afford minor repairs. With no husband or family, where could she turn? 

Thankfully, Polina found help at a local community center that partners with CBN Israel. When she shared her plight, friends like you sent professionals to her home who removed the toxic mold and made needed repairs. Plus, caring donors provided food for her during this challenging time. Polina was touched, saying, “I have never received such kindness and generosity from anyone… I am so grateful for your love and compassion.”

Your gift to CBN Israel can bless Israel’s neediest communities with food, medicine, and financial aid—and share God’s love in crisis situations. With the ongoing pandemic, terrorist attacks and more, the cries for help in the Holy Land have escalated. 

Your support can reach out to aging Holocaust survivors, lonely refugees, young families, and more with compassionate relief. 

Please join us in bringing hope to others!


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