Summer Youth Camps

How can CBN Israel help youth within the believing community say “yes” to God? That’s a question echoed by many youth pastors around Israel.

“Our youth lack programs, such as youth conferences, youth trips, gatherings,” says one committed, long-term pastor. “That is why we need to invest in this future generation, prepare them, and teach them how to establish a strong faith—a faith that belongs to them and burns in their hearts.”

The faithful ministers who dedicate themselves to these young men and women organize youth camps twice a year. This year’s summer camp included various activities, worship, and studying the word of God together. The theme of this year’s camp focused on saying “yes” to God and working as a team.

“Our counselors have noticed wonderful outcomes from such programs,” says a local youth pastor. “They report that the camps open doors for new friendships for these young people and strengthen their faith.” 

We are so excited to have the strategic opportunity to invest in the future of these young people. Through CBN Israel, caring friends like you are helping to make these summer camps possible. 

Caring donors are also reaching out to Israel’s most vulnerable citizens—providing food, housing, medicine, job training, and so much more. 

Please join us in blessing Israel and her people in need!



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