New Immigrants: Oleg and Victoria’s Story

“We had to leave our city with rockets flying overhead,” Oleg remembered. He and his wife Victoria, both 59, have two teenagers—one with a disability—and an elderly mother who was ill. The bombings left their Ukraine apartment in ruins, destroying what they owned. 

As the Russians invaded their country, the family fled Ukraine, shaken by living in the crossfire. Escaping by train, they had to sleep on the hard floor. They headed for Israel, and upon arriving, stayed in a refugee absorption center.

Eventually, they were able to rent an apartment, but it had no refrigerator, and a very old stove. Like most refugees, they were alone in a new country with no possessions—only what they could carry with them. Where could they find help to feed their kids and get established? 

Fortunately, friends like you were there for this family through CBN Israel. Donors provided them with groceries and essentials—along with a new refrigerator and stove! Oleg exclaimed, “You have no idea how much this helps. Back in Ukraine, we would have had to work hard to buy this. And you just said, ‘This is for you.’ This is a precious gift for us, and we are grateful!” 

We live in a time when many who are fleeing war and poverty seek refuge in the Holy Land. Your gift to CBN Israel can be a blessing to those in need who call this land their home. You can be there with food, basic necessities, financial aid, job training, and more. 

The needs are great everywhere—from elderly Holocaust survivors and terror victims, to single mothers and new immigrants. Your support can offer them compassionate relief—while reporting crucial frontline news and stories. 

Please let us hear from you today!


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