Life-Changing Surgery: Afaf’s Story

Little Afaf came running to her home in Bethlehem, sobbing again. The other kids bullied the four-year-old, calling her cruel names, because an eye condition made her look different. Each time, her father lovingly comforted her, telling her she was beautiful—with a deep, sad sigh. 

It all began when she was just six months old, and Afaf had a squint in one eye that concerned her parents. Doctors said she would have to wait until she was older for an operation. Meanwhile, she had to wear special glasses for two years before the surgery. As an active child who liked swimming, the glasses got in her way. 

Without the surgery, her vision would rapidly deteriorate—and her parents worried she would be stigmatized. Yet with three children, how could they afford such a costly operation? 

But friends like you made a way. CBN Israel donors partnered with St. John’s Eye Hospital to sponsor Afaf’s desperately needed procedure. Her family encouraged her, and she believed it would make her even more beautiful. The surgery was a success—and she now plays happily!

Her father exclaimed, “Because of you, parents like us have somewhere to turn. This surgery will give my daughter a much better future and allow her to feel like a normal kid.”  

And your gifts to CBN Israel can open new doors of hope for people in need across the Holy Land—bringing food, shelter, financial aid, and medical help. 

Israel is a refuge for many—including Holocaust survivors, war immigrants, and victims of poverty. Your support can supply their basic needs. Please join us in reaching out to others!


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