New Immigrant: Diana’s Story

Diana and her daughter were living in Western Ukraine when suddenly, war with Russia broke out. She recalls, “I was scared for my daughter and myself, but I didn’t know where to go, or what to do. I reached out to my local synagogue, asking them for help.”

As their hometown was invaded, this Jewish single mother and her daughter decided to seek refuge in Israel. They fled Ukraine with only their suitcases, leaving everything else behind.

Yet, Diana faced many challenges, admitting, “It was very difficult… I needed to find a job and an apartment, learn Hebrew, and find a kindergarten for my daughter.” She found an apartment in central Israel that was close to a kindergarten and a job. But she still needed several major household appliances, and couldn’t afford to purchase them. Where could she turn?

Thankfully, friends like you were there to help. Several Ukrainian refugees told her about CBN Israel. Donors provided her with an oven, a washing machine, and paid for much-needed repairs in her apartment. And they gave her food vouchers, so she could put nutritious food on the table.

Diana exclaimed, “It makes a colossal difference for people like me, who come to Israel without any belongings. It gives me peace of mind knowing you are there. Thank you so much!”

Your gifts to CBN Israel can extend a hand of friendship to many in need across Israel—offering food, housing, furniture, appliances, and financial aid.

And your support will bring hope and help to Israel’s refugees, Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and terror victims. Your generosity can do so much—please join with us today!

Will you reach out in kindness and compassion to those in need?


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