Victims of Terrorism: Isaac and Maria’s Story

Isaac and Maria moved to Israel from Latin America a year ago. They settled in Ashdod, so their sick daughter Lilietta could live a peaceful life. That peace came to a halt on October 7.

They were asleep that morning when Maria heard a distant siren, saying, “I thought I was imagining it. But when we heard the next siren, we checked the news, and realized we were under a terrorist attack.” Isaac added, “I grabbed Lilietta and ran into the safe room. We heard people screaming.” Their little girl became very agitated as sirens went off for the next 12 hours.

The couple was devastated. Israel had become home for them, and they loved the land and the people. They had felt safe. But now, they were huddled in a bomb shelter for many sleepless days, scared of terrorists who were entering people’s homes to kill them. Concerned for their daughter’s health, they were afraid to leave the shelter to go to the hospital.

That’s why we are so thankful that friends like you came to their rescue through CBN Israel. Caring donors relocated this family, and many others, to a temporary shelter in a secure area. They welcomed them with hot meals, hygiene kits, clothing, toys, and trauma therapy—even for the children. Maria said gratefully, “It gave us great peace of mind…our daughter was safe and cared for. Thank you!”

Your gifts to CBN Israel can speed emergency aid to terror victims, while also bringing crucial help to single moms, Holocaust survivors, and refugees in need.

And your support is vital, especially as the war escalates. You can supply food, housing, finances, and even bomb shelters to vulnerable Israelis.

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