Single Mother | Hagra’s Story

She was out of options and out of time. Hagra had worked hard as a single mother to support herself and her 10-year-old son after her husband abandoned them. But she was suddenly stricken with acute renal failure and needed an urgent kidney transplant. Her brother proved to be a perfect match, but her problems didn’t end with a successful surgery. She could no longer work in her physically demanding job as a housekeeper, and Hagra wound up deep in debt.

Thankfully, she eventually met Arik, the head of CBN Israel’s family department, who provided the guidance she needed. He not only helped her sort out her debt; he saw that she was given the appropriate designation as a disabled person—who qualified for a full living allowance. Today, her life is back on track and she’s now able to encourage others.

Because of the generosity of our partners, we were also able to fix up her son’s room in their tiny Tel Aviv apartment, so he’d have a place to sleep and do his homework. Nahum prays daily that his strict non-believing Jewish father—who abandoned them because of his wife’s newfound Christian faith—will soon return. Hagra says, “I am so grateful for Arik and all CBN Israel workers and supporters. My life started over!”

You can be a blessing to so many single moms, like Hagra, providing them with groceries, housing, medical care, financial aid, and job training. You can also give these moms hope and encouragement as they seek to give their children a bright future.

Your special gift today will also provide help and hope to Holocaust survivors, relief to victims of terrorism, food and counseling to new immigrants, and so much more. People in Israel are depending on you. You can make the difference!

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Food Distribution for Single Mothers

They are widowed, divorced, or abandoned. They are Israel’s single mothers, making up over 95% of the 130,000 single parent families there. Many are in crisis situations, relying heavily on government assistance. When COVID-19 hit, survival became even harder.

Thousands lost jobs. Others struggled to find childcare during school closures—often forcing them to stay home and lose their paychecks. These hardworking mothers have enough challenges making ends meet in normal times. But the recent lockdown robbed many of income, childcare, and the mobility to seek new options. Where could they turn?

Thankfully, friends like you were there through CBN Israel. Since the pandemic began, we have distributed more food packages, plus extra food vouchers and many other forms of aid. We have also helped with medical care, medicine, and care for special needs children requiring 24/7 supervision.

Arik, the head of our family department, is in constant contact with many single mothers, offering emergency relief, financial planning, and encouragement. Caring friends like you have made it possible for him and our volunteers across the country to shop for house-bound mothers and desperate families—and deliver groceries, diapers, and medicine to their homes.

Arik says gratefully, “We are making such a difference in so many people’s lives… Thank you for blessing Israel and her people in need.” Your support can make a tremendous difference in these challenging times. Please join us in reaching out!

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Supplies for the Elderly During COVID-19

It’s tragic that so many of Israel’s elderly survived World War II and the Holocaust—only to face the deadly COVID-19 virus. It hit this group the hardest, with almost all of Israel’s coronavirus-related deaths occurring in nursing homes. And it left the survivors feeling completely helpless.

Unlike the rest of the population, Israel’s seniors were quarantined in their apartments, and IDF soldiers made sure no one went in or out. With no visits by family or friends allowed, their only contact was by phone or video chatting—and many don’t own a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

A great number live in government care homes, which offer good medical attention—but lack other amenities of the better private homes. And residents often can’t afford the extra items they need. Most aging Holocaust survivors have no family to look out for them and could not leave their rooms. But thanks to compassionate friends like you, they were not forgotten—CBN Israel was there!

We found out that many of the residents desperately needed small appliances, including microwaves, stoves, and kettles. When the stores reopened, we immediately bought and delivered these items, to their great joy!

Arkadi is a World War II veteran and Holocaust survivor, who lost his family during the war. He shared, “I was so lonely and reached out for help many times, but I was told there was nothing that could be done due to COVID-19. Then you arrived and provided me with the things I needed the most right now. Thank you so much!”

And your gift to CBN Israel can share God’s love beyond this health crisis, bringing a lifeline of food and essentials. Your support is crucial as the cries for help increase. You can provide hope to families struggling to survive in the Holy Land. Please let us hear from you today!

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Single Mother | Wendy’s Story

Wendy was frantic… Abandoned by her husband, who refused to pay child support or alimony, she barely made ends meet. How could she possibly support three children on such a tiny income?

She worked any jobs she could find, just to put food on the table. Yet it was never enough, and Wendy constantly had to borrow money. Digging herself deeper in debt, she was on the verge of being evicted. Desperate, she was running out of hope.

But thanks to friends like you, she discovered CBN Israel’s group for single mothers, and met with Arik, the head of our family department. It was a turning point, and she recalled gratefully, “Meeting Arik saved me from being evicted from my apartment—and from giving up on life.”

Arik helped Wendy develop a budget and financial plan, negotiated with the bank to reduce her debt, and together they developed a long-term strategy. And for 10 years, her life was stable—until the COVID-19 crisis. After losing her job as a kindergarten teacher, she was battling to survive. Thankfully, caring people were there for her again as she reached out to CBN Israel. Arik immediately provided her with groceries—and a month of food vouchers!

Wendy is grateful for CBN Israel’s help to her—and to many single mothers who call Israel their home. And we are also offering aid to refugees, elderly Holocaust survivors, and those in need, especially during this global pandemic.

For many in the Holy Land, the needs are so great. Your support is crucial, and can provide families with food, housing, medical help, financial assistance, and the tools and training to become self-sufficient. Please join us in bringing God’s love to the hurting!

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COVID-19 Food Distribution in Ramla

Imagine living in a community where poverty is rampant, and you fear for your safety—surrounded by crime, drug dealers, and homicides. For those living in Ramla, a city of Jewish and Arab residents, with its roots going back to the 7th century, this is a daily reality.

Sadly, the population is very poor, and unemployment is high. Because of Ramla’s cheap housing, it has become a first stop in Israel for immigrants, who are unfamiliar with the area or where to find help. There are also many aging Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans—living a lonely, fragile existence. Their fixed incomes often force them to live week to week.

Suddenly, adding to this city’s turmoil, the COVID-19 health crisis intensified the needs and suffering. With widespread layoffs and strict lockdowns, how could these people survive?

Thankfully, friends like you were there for them through CBN Israel’s outreaches—with a major citywide distribution of food, medicine, and other basic necessities. We provided aid to hundreds of needy families, including many who lost their jobs with businesses closed. We also delivered groceries and medicine to Holocaust survivors and other seniors, quarantined as high-risk citizens, who had no one to bring them essentials at the peak of the pandemic.

During this global health crisis and beyond, your support is urgently needed in the Holy Land. Your generous gift can provide for vulnerable people year-round throughout Israel, with groceries, housing, blankets, and other basics. Your compassionate support can be a blessing to so many—thank you for giving to CBN Israel today!

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Single Mother | Faina’s Story

When they moved to Israel from Belarus, Faina and her husband had just come to faith in Christ and began attending a local congregation with their baby boy. Life was good, and she was happy.

But when she became pregnant again, she noticed disturbing changes. Money began disappearing, along with their electronic devices that could be sold. Then, her husband started staying out late at the bars after work—and when he finally stumbled in hours later, he reeked of alcohol.

With a baby on the way, she feared for their future, especially during moments when her son witnessed his father’s drunken behavior. She tried to help her husband and reached out to their pastor for counseling and support—but it was no use. He had stopped caring, and his self-destructive behavior grew worse.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and her husband suddenly left, with no warning. Alone with two small children, a pile of debt, and no income, Faina was lonely and afraid.

And then, hope arrived. Thanks to friends like you, Faina discovered CBN Israel. We paid Faina’s rent, and provided her with food, baby supplies, and food coupons for an entire month! As we helped her get back on her feet, she said gratefully, “I wish I could tell everyone who helped me how much I appreciate their support!” Faina found a new beginning.

And CBN Israel is also bringing hope, aid, and new beginnings to others in need, especially during this global pandemic. As the number of people in Israel needing our help soars, your support is crucial. You can share God’s love with elderly Holocaust survivors, refugees, and more—by offering groceries, shelter, and other necessities. Please consider a gift today!

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Single Mother | Yamit’s Story

When the terror attack happened years ago in Jerusalem, Yamit believed her husband had fully recovered. Yet the attack left him with a severe case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It surfaced years later—long after he could file an insurance claim to get the treatment he needed.

His deep depression eventually cost him his job. As his condition worsened, he would sit all day in a dark room, crying and screaming. Yamit felt like she was watching him die. And her heart broke at how it affected her children. The couple divorced, and his mother took him back to Finland to be with his family. They all hoped that with good care and professional help, he would recover.

In fact, he greatly improved with treatment—so much, that the children joined their father in Finland. Feeling hopeful, Yamit planned to join them as soon as she tied up loose ends. She booked her ticket and shipped all their belongings to Finland. But then, the world changed.

When COVID-19 struck, Israel enforced a strict lockdown; her flight was cancelled, and all her plans were on hold. Unable to work in the meantime, all her things had been shipped out, and her lease would end in a month, leaving her homeless and without money.

Thankfully, friends like you were there for her through CBN Israel. We gave her groceries and food vouchers and found housing for her until she can reunite with her family. And CBN Israel is helping so many during this pandemic and beyond—people in crisis who need resources, and a touch from God to survive and move forward.

Right now, the needs in the Holy Land are great—especially for vulnerable Holocaust survivors and immigrant families. Your gift can mean their survival. Thank you so much!

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Holocaust Survivor | Fisher’s Story

They thought the Nazis would never find them. In an isolated village in Ukraine, Fisher and his parents believed they were safe—until German troops came upon them in 1941. From then on, life became one horror after another.

The family was imprisoned in a squalid ghetto far from his home, and one day, Fisher saw his mother reach up to catch a piece of bread someone had thrown to her. But a Nazi soldier also witnessed that act of kindness and deliberately shot Fisher’s mother in the foot. Not long afterward, she died of the resulting infection, and the young boy was all alone.

His faith in Jesus as his Messiah sustained him during the harsh war years, and when the war finally ended, Fisher was determined to help Holocaust survivors wherever he found them. In 1994, he moved from Ukraine to Israel with his wife. From the moment he arrived, he sought ways to serve others. He found the ideal outlet for his wonderful gifts of compassion and encouragement—a community of other Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans.

Thanks to our caring CBN Israel partners, we are able to give Holocaust survivors, like Fisher, love and support, providing them with food, medicine, and friendship. He is so thankful and looks forward to celebrating his 90th birthday with all of his new friends!

Your special gift can deliver hope and compassionate aid to so many who desperately need our help in the Holy Land.

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Single Mother | Masaret’s Story

She had run out of options. Although she’d been raised in an ordinary Israeli home, Masaret had made some extraordinarily bad choices. Getting in with the wrong teenage crowd. Drinking heavily. Partying nonstop. Dating a drug addict. Spending all her money on her habit and running up heavy debts. Finally, she found herself the unmarried mother of two young boys, an alcoholic unable to cope—and she lost her sons into the child welfare program. Now Masaret had only two choices: rehab at a center of her choosing, or the government’s.

She had heard of the rehab center in Jerusalem and decided to take it seriously, entering their six-month intensive program. Working hard, she not only became sober, she met God for the first time. The program gave Masaret the strength to start over. She landed a job, got an apartment, and eventually got her children back. She was so grateful for a fresh start.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing; she still had a large outstanding debt. Arik, head of CBN Israel’s family department, helped Masaret talk to the bank and get her debt erased. Thanks to our generous partners, we were also able to help with rent, furniture and food. Today, she attends her local church, her boys love Jesus, and she’s finally making good choices.

During this time of worldwide concern about the COVID-19 virus, the need remains urgent as CBN Israel continues providing food, medicine, shelter, and other necessities to those who desperately need our help.

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Holocaust Survivor | Raisa’s Story

She was locked in the basement. It would be years before she’d see the sky again. Raisa was just a child when a family friend rushed her and her mother out of town to safety. For the rest of the war, they stayed with Raisa’s non-Jewish grandmother in a German home where their presence wouldn’t be suspected by the Nazis. But being locked in the basement for four years not only made it feel like a prison; the lack of fresh air and vitamins made the girl’s immune system very fragile. At times, her mother despaired for her life.

Despite the deprivations, the two of them survived. Making their way home after the war to find their Ukrainian village destroyed, Raisa and her mother found it far from easy to return to a country ravaged by war and death. Raisa met and married a Jewish doctor, and after a few decades they decided to immigrate to Israel.

Now widowed, Raisa spends a lot of time with other Holocaust survivors in her adoptive land. She is enormously grateful for the steady food deliveries that our generous partners make possible. Most of all, she loves having someone to talk to. She is so thankful to CBN Israel partners for their extraordinary support!

During this time of worldwide concern about the COVID-19 virus, the need remains urgent as CBN Israel continues providing food, medicine, shelter, and other necessities to those who desperately need our help.

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