Holocaust Survivor | Tanya’s Story

Tanya was just 14 years old when the Nazis invaded Ukraine, bringing on the Holocaust. Looking back, she admits sadly, “I remember life was so normal until that day. The war started, and everything changed.  Many of our family and friends died.”

Fortunately, her mother worked at a local hospital—so they narrowly escaped on a hospital train. As the train accompanied the Red Army along the frontlines, Tanya cared for the wounded. She recalled, “It was very difficult to be around all that blood and death, but we knew what the Nazis were doing to the Jews. I would have felt shame not doing my part to help.”

As a result, the Soviets honored her heroic service during the war. Yet today, as a Holocaust survivor living in Israel, Tanya faces a different battle. The stress of the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown has caused those terrible memories of the war to resurface. Added to that, she has had to self-isolate to stay safe—which means she can’t leave home to get food.

But thanks to friends like you, help arrived. CBN Israel brings her groceries, while taking precautions to keep her safe. She is getting the food and the encouragement she needs during this crisis, and says, “Thank you so much… It’s a very noble thing for you to want to help me and other Holocaust survivors, without even knowing us. I’m so grateful to God to have met you!”

CBN Israel is blessing so many in need with food, shelter, financial aid, and much more—and sharing God’s love during this pandemic and beyond. As the needs in the Holy Land increase, your support is crucial in offering help to single mothers, immigrant families, and the elderly. Please let us hear from you today!

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Hani and the Children’s Club

He never imagined it might come to this. As a child, Hani loved the sense of camaraderie he found at the local children’s club in Jerusalem’s Old City. In fact, he and his friends who still live nearby reminisce about the good times they had enjoyed in this place of friendship, learning and laughter. Today an accomplished handyman, when Hani learned that the facility housing the club had fallen into disrepair, he was delighted to be asked to help make the needed fixes. 

His memories of this special children’s club are pretty much in keeping with what goes on there today. Arabic-speaking children from diverse backgrounds—both Muslim and Christian—look forward to the weekly gatherings, where they play games, sing songs, and hear Bible stories about Jesus. The group’s founders recognized that consistent, long-term relationships and providing for tangible needs really do help foster a sense of community among families, many of whom suffer from poverty and other issues.

When the children’s club, a partner of CBN Israel, needed to make a number of vital repairs to their facility, the support of friends like you made it possible to complete these necessary projects. We also provided new equipment to the children’s club, plus an extra season of CBN’s animated Bible series, Superbook, in Arabic for the kids.

And as it turns out, Hani’s skilled hands were there to lovingly provide the labor for a community center that had made such a difference on him as a child. “We have to do good,” Hani exclaimed. “God wants us to express His love and goodwill to everyone, especially those in need.” 

Your support can be a vital lifeline to families and communities in need—including lonely refugees, terror victims, Holocaust survivors, single moms, young children, and so many others who desperately need our help. 


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COVID-19 Food Distribution

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting economic downturn, a new threat arose across Israel: the threat of hunger. Large segments of the population have struggled with having enough to eat, and CBN Israel’s food distribution programs have seen the needs firsthand. 

Many Israeli seniors, including Holocaust survivors, live below the poverty line, and can hardly afford basic necessities. Often, they don’t have family to care for them. Added to that, they are isolated and alone from the lockdowns and restrictions and left to fend for themselves. 

Plus, thousands of families have been hurt severely by the pandemic—with great numbers laid off from work or needing to stay home with their children due to school closures. Families already grappling with poverty suffered even worse effects, while others suddenly couldn’t make ends meet for the very first time. How would they survive this crisis? 

Thanks to friends like you, CBN Israel has been there for seniors and families across the nation—providing food packages, food vouchers, and other vital aid. In fact, since the outbreak began, CBN Israel has distributed record amounts of groceries and basic relief to the hurting. 

We are also helping Israel’s vulnerable with financial aid, housing, and much more—both now and beyond the pandemic. Your support can be a critical lifeline in giving compassionate relief to those who are living week to week in the Holy Land. 

Arik, the head of CBN Israel’s family department, has witnessed how much a bag of groceries can mean to those in need, and says, “Together, we can make such a difference in people’s lives. Please join us in blessing Israel and her people during this season.” 


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