Holocaust Survivor: Michael’s Story

Jerusalem Central Town is a non-profit organization and a very special local partner with CBN Israel. They provide a safe home for people aged 80 and over—all of whom survived World War II and the Holocaust. And Michael, an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor, is their chairman and advocate.

Most aging members of this wonderful organization are poor, and often living with deteriorating health. Sadly, the government doesn’t provide all their needs—especially their need for walkers, wheelchairs, and special medicines. With minimal resources, many can only afford the most basic essentials. Michael was desperate to find help for these people.

And CBN Israel was there for these precious seniors. Michael met with the head of our Holocaust survivor department and shared the difficulties these residents have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic—including intense loneliness, lack of support, and some even dying alone.

Right now, their most pressing need was for walkers—and we delivered them. Thanks to friends like you, they have the freedom to walk again—even to use the restroom by themselves. And when the lockdown is lifted, they can enjoy strolling outside to parks, or to visit neighbors. Michael was delighted, saying, “I’m so grateful to CBN Israel donors, who care so much…”

CBN Israel is also bringing much-needed aid and God’s love to others who are vulnerable, including terror victims, refugees, and hurting families.

Your support is urgently needed, and can provide food, shelter, financial assistance, and more to those in need—while sharing what God is doing in the Holy Land through CBN News and our documentaries.

You can make a difference for so many—please consider a gift today!


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