One of the most important things you can do is pray for God’s chosen people.

Here are 25 ways you can pray for the people and nation of Israel:

1. Pray that elections produce the best leadership for their democracy. Israeli politics is lively and complicated with sometimes 20 or more political parties.

2. Pray that Israel’s lawmakers enact laws that produce the best results for all Israelis. With 120 members, Israel’s Knesset is made up of Jews, Arabs, and Ethiopians.

3. Pray for Israel’s Prime Minister and President for wisdom, ability to inspire their citizens, and to communicate expertly with the world.

4. Pray that the U.S. Congress will continue to vote in favor of Israel’s security aid and that Christians will become more politically engaged on behalf of Israel.

5. Pray that the warmth and love between Jews and Christians will increase to make us stronger together.

6. Pray for the Christian community to remain steadfast in prayer and action on behalf of Israel and the worldwide Jewish community.

7. Pray for vigilance, strategies, and strength for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) including the Israeli army, navy, and air force.

8. Pray that Israel’s enemies in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and among Palestinian terrorists will be swept away.

9. Pray that Israel’s effective cyber security, covert operations, and defensive measures will maintain protection of the Jewish state.

10. Pray for Israel’s leaders to create strategies to maintain Israel’s sovereignty.

11. Pray that along Israel’s dangerous borders—Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza—Israel’s military will have success in carrying out the security strategies.

12. Pray that Israelis will continue to invent alarm systems in weaponry and cybersecurity to protect their people.

13. Pray that Christians will not remain silent about supporting Israel since God is allowing us to live at such a time as this.

14. Pray that God will comfort the children in southern Israel. They have grown up with rockets falling, kites and balloons floating into Israel and igniting fires, and Red Alerts urging them to find shelter within 15 seconds. Post-traumatic stress is rampant.

15. Pray for an end to the economic destruction of farming. Hamas, the terrorist organization ruling Gaza, has destroyed thousands of acres of crops with a fire-balloon-and-kite intifada.

16. Pray for the Israeli Navy’s vigilance to stop weapons transfers at sea. Israel is forced to monitor the Mediterranean waters along the Gaza coast.

17. Pray that the Jewish people will renew their hope, recalling that for centuries God has redeemed them, summoned them, and says, “You are mine.” God has always preserved a Jewish remnant.

18. Pray that Christians will see the error of Replacement Theology, which declares that the church has “replaced” the Jews and that they no longer have relevance.

19. Pray against anti-Semitism. Unfortunately, some Christians favor anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)—economic warfare against Israel. Pray that Christians will instead divest from the slanderous BDS movement.

20. Pray that God “will not delay” to protect Jerusalem’s sovereignty as the undivided capital of the Jewish state.

21. Pray that nations will open their eyes to honor Israel due to her vast innovations that bless and impact people around the globe.

22. Pray that Israel’s enemies will decrease so that Israel’s aid to their poor can increase. Out of necessity, Israel spends 5.6% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on defense—a big number for a small nation the size of New Jersey.

23. Pray that Christians worldwide will follow Cornelius’ example and donate even more to Christian and Jewish organizations helping Israel’s poor.

24. Pray for the nearly 200,000 Holocaust survivors who live in Israel. Tens of thousands of them live in poverty. Benefits are available to many in the aging population, but the Israeli bureaucracy moves too slowly to process the number of requests for help.

25. Pray for all Jewish immigrants, whether Ethiopian, French, Russian, South African or American, to transition successfully, learn Hebrew, and find jobs.


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    PSALM 61:2