New Immigrants: Alpha Course

It isn’t always easy to fit in. Being a new immigrant in Israel can be a real challenge. Most immigrants have left behind family and friends and everything that used to be familiar, and now feel isolated with no idea where to turn for help. How can they feel more like they’re a part of their adoptive nation and its traditions?

Because of generous friends like you, our CBN Israel team is there to smooth the way for so many new immigrants. We provide a special program called the Alpha Course that teaches attendees about the history of Israel and lets them participate in a traditional Shabbat dinner. Each weekend, 15 to 20 families come together and learn about Israeli traditions, history and culture. Within this framework, people can come together in their new environment and start to form new relationships.

As one participant explained, “Being a new immigrant is very difficult; not only the struggle with learning the language but also acclimating to Israeli society and culture. Thanks to the Alpha Course, I can learn about the history of Israel more genuinely, as well as participate in a traditional Shabbat dinner.”

This is just one way you can be a blessing to new immigrants who are making their prophetic return to Israel. You can also provide them with groceries, housing, medical care, financial aid, and job training. Through CBN Israel, you can give them comfort and friendship as they pursue a better life in the land of their ancestors.

Your special gift today will also provide help and hope to Holocaust survivors, relief to victims of terrorism, meals and education to single moms, and so much more. 


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