New Immigrants: Alisher and Sulima’s Story

He feared for his life. What would happen to Alisher—a devout Muslim turned Christian—once he had finished serving a prison term in Uzbekistan for being of another faith? Alisher and his wife, Sulima, feared still more beatings and persecution.

Fortunately, because of Alisher’s Jewish heritage, the couple was able to get in touch with people who helped them through the process of making Aliyah, so they could immigrate to Israel. In fact, the process that usually takes up to two years was streamlined to just a few months, and the couple and their five children safely reached their new home.

As the new immigrants struggled with the stresses of being in an unfamiliar country, CBN Israel heard of their plight and provided much-needed financial aid. That assistance helped them take their first steps in the land of Israel. Our local partners continually help the family with adapting to a new culture and finding their way in a new land. This vital work is made possible because of the generous support of our donors.

You can be a blessing to so many new immigrants, like Alisher and Sulima, providing them with groceries, housing, medical care, financial aid, and job training. You can also give them comfort and friendship as they pursue a better life in their Jewish homeland.

Your special gift today will also provide help and hope to Holocaust survivors, relief to victims of terrorism, meals and education to single moms, and so much more. 


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