Holocaust Survivor: Jacob’s Story

He felt so helpless. Not as badly as when Jacob had seen Nazis shoot people in the street, or assault his sisters, or take his parents away—never to return. And he couldn’t forget the horror of watching his grandmother and others lined up in front of a huge hole in the ground and shot in the back—after which the young boy was mute for days.

Immigrating to Israel and proudly serving for 40 years in the Israeli army helped ease those early memories. So did the joy of eventually getting married, raising two children, and then becoming a loving grandparent. But today was a different kind of stress—the medication Jacob’s wife needed for a recently diagnosed medical condition was expensive and he didn’t know how he’d pay for it.

Thankfully, compassionate friends like you made it possible for CBN Israel to purchase her medicine, provide her with transportation to doctors’ appointments, and help with other basic needs. Such generous aid has been a tremendous source of encouragement and strength for the couple, and they are so grateful.

You can be a blessing to so many Holocaust survivors, like Jacob, providing them with regular grocery deliveries from our compassionate field teams, along with opportunities to attend social activities and field trips with others in their community.

Your special gift today will also provide relief to victims of terrorism, food and counseling to new immigrants, meals and education to single moms, and so much more. 


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