Holocaust Survivor: Rita’s Story

The memories are still painful. Rita can never forget the shame and humiliation of being forced—at age 10—to strip naked in front of grown men, stand under a freezing shower, and have her head shaved—along with so many other Ukrainian girls and women. Her eyes still fill with tears as she remembers the hunger, the cold, and the regular abuse from Nazi soldiers.

The cruelty Rita witnessed on a daily basis made her think she was witnessing the end of the world. How could humans be so cruel? Her job in the concentration camp was moving heavy bricks. “The intense labor was so difficult that my spine became crooked over time, and to this day, I can’t even walk straight,” the elderly woman recounts.

Rita survived the war, married, and immigrated to Israel with her husband. He died 10 years ago. Today, she is one of about 200,000 elderly Holocaust survivors in Israel, about a quarter of whom live in poor circumstances. Yet, because of friends like you, our CBN Israel team was able to help Rita with her vital needs. We provided food, medicine, transportation to the hospital, and comforting visits that let Rita know she is neither forgotten nor alone.

You can be a blessing to so many Holocaust survivors, like Rita, providing them with regular grocery deliveries from our compassionate field teams, along with opportunities to attend social activities and field trips with others in their community.

Your special gift today will also provide relief to victims of terrorism, food and counseling to new immigrants, meals and education to single moms, and so much more. 


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