Single Mother: Yevgenia’s Story

She did the right thing. Yevgenia decided to raise her precious little boy even though the father wanted her to abort the child. This single mother, living with her son and caring for her own mother, was blessed with an excellent job as a hotel chef in Israel. Life seemed good—until her mother suffered a sudden heart attack and needed costly surgery.

Then, tragedy hit! The hotel went bankrupt and Yevgenia lost her job. She struggled to keep her family afloat, working nearly every waking hour. Despite her efforts, she plunged deeper into debt, and finally fled Israel for her native Russia.

For eight long years she worked to establish herself, and she eventually returned to Israel. Unfortunately, Israeli law prevented her from opening a bank account—or even getting a job—because she still owed a large debt. By the grace of God, she learned of CBN Israel’s family department. We referred her to someone that helped her manage her finances, pay down her debt, and regain her status as a business professional. Yevgenia now has a new hope for the future. She said that she couldn’t believe anyone would care this much to help her!

During this time of worldwide concern about the COVID-19 virus, the need remains urgent as CBN Israel continues providing food, medicine, shelter, and other necessities to those who desperately need our help.


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