Aiding Ethiopian Families

Imagine walking through the desert for weeks—a long, dangerous trek, where you shed whatever weighs you down. And then arriving in a new country with nothing—all to fulfill a hope and dream. This is the plight of many Ethiopian Jews who immigrated to Israel, the land of their ancestors.

Yet their hardships continued, as they tried to adjust to modern life in another nation.

Many came from farm villages, living in mud huts. They spoke no language but their own and had no basic education. Caught between maintaining their cultural identity and adapting to new ways, they endured—hoping their children’s future would be brighter.

So when COVID-19 struck, Israel’s Ethiopian community was already battling poverty, and it hit them hard. The lockdown left many jobless, and desperate to put food on the table.

But friends like you were there for them. CBN Israel learned from a single mother we helped that Ethiopian women use an important and nutritious staple called Teaf. It’s a grain that can feed a huge family with a small amount, and can also be stored for years. We were able to buy 55-pound bags of Teaf that can each feed a family for a year—helping them survive this crisis!

And CBN Israel is also reaching out to aging Holocaust survivors, terror victims, young families, and other vulnerable Israelis who need our help.

Your support is crucial, especially during this pandemic and beyond. You can provide food, housing, financial aid, and more to those in need.

Join us in extending a lifeline to those in crisis—your gift can make a difference for so many vulnerable families and communities!


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