Rescuing Women from Prostitution

In southern Tel Aviv, there once was a proud, working class Jewish neighborhood that deteriorated over the years. Sadly, it is now filled with brothels, addicts, drug dealers, and rampant crime. And prostitution is common there. Young women who look sick and malnourished walk the streets—selling their bodies openly to support their drug addictions.

But thanks to friends like you, CBN Israel is sharing God’s love, by partnering with a local ministry called The Red Carpet. It was founded 15 years ago by Anat, a social worker who reaches out to women working as prostitutes—and helps them escape the vicious cycle of drug addiction and sexual exploitation. 

For these traumatized women, the challenges of living a normal life can be scary. They are afraid of not fitting in, and not finding a job or home. Anat and her volunteers began operating out of a basement, offering these women free manicures and hope. Many have found freedom. Recently she was able to move the ministry to a new spot, on the toughest street. 

We provided funds for remodeling it into a safe, welcoming place to get a shower, get their hair and nails done, enjoy a hot meal—and receive unconditional love and counseling. And during COVID-19, when the girls were not allowed inside, we provided them with take-away gift bags, containing a hot meal, sweets, fresh clean clothes, and bottled water. 

And your gift to CBN Israel can help others who are hurting—including Holocaust survivors, refugees, terror victims, and single mothers. Your support is crucial, as more people need assistance to survive in the Holy Land.

You can offer them food, housing, financial aid, and more. Please join us in reaching those who need our help!


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