Single Mother: Mila’s Story

Less than two years ago, Mila and her husband immigrated to Israel. They brought their five younger children, while their two adult children decided to stay in Ukraine. Just as they were beginning to navigate the challenges of being in a new country, COVID-19 struck. 

For Mila’s husband, the added stress made it too hard for him to cope. He became addicted to alcohol and refused to take care of his family, growing more aggressive and abusive. Finally, the marriage dissolved, leaving her to support and care for the children all alone. 

However, Mila did not give up. As a strong woman of faith, she worked long hours as a caregiver for several elderly women—while also caring for her own family. Yet, she began to grow weary, as she struggled to make ends meet by herself. She admitted, “The low income forced us to cook the simplest food for weeks—and only spend money on the bare necessities.” 

Just as Mila was feeling overwhelmed, friends like you arrived with help. CBN Israel brought her some needed appliances, food packages, and vouchers to buy groceries. “Thank you for all of your kindness… It means the world to me and my kids!” she exclaimed. “I’m so thankful God brought you into my life at this pivotal moment.” 

And your gift to CBN Israel can reach out to other single moms, refugees, Holocaust survivors, and more, who are trying to survive in the Holy Land. 

During this challenging season, you can offer food, supplies, housing, financial assistance, job training, and more to those in need. Plus, you can share vital reports from Jerusalem through CBN News. 

Please help us touch lives in this special land today!


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