Giving Food and Care to Elderly Jewish Widows

Starvation. Assault. Forced to sleep on the cold, wet ground. And the constant threat of death. These are the unthinkable deprivations that many Jewish children experienced as they were seized from their villages and marched to the horrors of concentration camps. No one should have to experience that brutality, then live with the nightmarish memories all their lives. 

Today, some 140,000 survivors of the Holocaust live in Israel, and the trauma of their past is only intensified by the modern-day attacks of terrorists and rockets aimed at destroying the Jewish homeland. Thousands of these survivors are widows or widowers living in poverty, with no family to count on, barely able to stretch their small stipends to cover food, medicine, rent, and electricity. And the isolation imposed by COVID-19 has made their lives even harder. 

But you and I can change this by providing essential food and care to these elderly people. Through our efficient network of ministry partners and volunteers, you can deliver food, medical assistance, home visits, and—most of all—hope to those in great need. When give your support to CBN Israel, you can provide food and care for Jewish women and men in the Holy Land who feel hopeless and alone. 

And what a difference you’ll make! These dear people often tell us that when someone delivers food packages from CBN Israel, it is like opening a window to the world, serving as a comforting reminder that they have not been forgotten. As you share God’s love with the poor and lonely, you can help fulfill the promise of Psalm 107:9, “He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”

Please join us in giving food and care to elderly Jewish widows, widowers, and others in desperate need.


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