Victim of Terrorism: Sarah’s Story

Ashdod is an idyllic seacoast city, which Sarah’s family calls home. At age 74 years old, she and her husband have lived there for years—with their three children and five grandchildren nearby. However, being so close to the Gaza Strip, it has gradually become a target for terrorism—including the non-stop rocket attacks earlier this year lasting over 11 days.

One day, Sarah and her family were relaxing at home, when suddenly, the siren sounded. With no bomb shelter in their area, they rushed to the stairwell for protection. And then, their house suffered a direct hit. Sarah’s 5-year-old granddaughter was hit with shrapnel in her spine. 

Because of the girl’s age, doctors will monitor her for now instead of operating. Sarah still counts it a miracle that everyone survived. Yet sadly, both floors of her family home were completely burned, destroying all her photos and possessions in minutes. The damage was overwhelming. But thankfully, CBN Israel was there with urgent relief and hope.

We gave them financial assistance to provide a temporary place to live, and basic necessities to survive this hard time. Plus, we offered them trauma counseling through local professionals. Sarah exclaimed, “We are so grateful for the kindness and care from CBN Israel!” 

And your gift to CBN Israel can be a blessing to other terror victims, while also helping aging Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and immigrant families. 

As the cries for help across the Holy Land are increasing, your support can reach out with food, housing, financial aid, and essentials—while also bringing news and documentaries that share Israel’s stories with the world. 

*Name and photo changed for privacy.

Please join us in making an important difference!


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