Widowed Single Mother: Anna’s Story

When Anna moved from Ukraine to Israel, she started a new life—and found romance. It’s where she met her husband—an Israeli citizen who was also from Ukraine. They had a little girl, and everything was going well. Then, without warning, tragedy struck. 

Sadly, Anna’s husband suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of just 53. Her world suddenly collapsed. And then, in the midst of coping with her grief as a widow and single mother, she was blindsided legally: She learned she had no official citizenship status in Israel.  

In Israel, there are no civil marriages, or automatic citizenship by marriage. Anna was not Jewish, and her husband had neglected to register their documents of marriage. It left her vulnerable. The one thing in her favor was that her daughter was born in Israel, and gave Anna some protection and minimal welfare benefits. But Anna had to fight for permanent Israeli status. 

Thankfully, friends like you were there for her, through CBN Israel. We have given her needed groceries and support. And with her daughter now in school, we provided a computer for her homework. Anna says gratefully, “You are always there for us, and every holiday, you remember us by making it possible to buy nutritious food and other essentials…” Anna and her daughter are touched by all the support they’ve received. And we offer a lifeline to so many in need. 

CBN Israel reaches out with relief aid and God’s love to aging Holocaust survivors, refugees, terror victims, and more. For Israelis who are facing personal losses and crisis, your support is crucial. You can bring food, housing, job training, finances, and more.

*Name and photo changed for privacy.

Please join us in reaching out to those in need throughout the Holy Land.


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