Holocaust Survivor: Eugenia’s Story

Eugenia remembers the fear she felt when the Holocaust began in Ukraine. She experienced a similar fear as Israel went into lockdown because of COVID-19. It brought back vivid memories of life during the war. “I was very young, but I recall the loud sounds of the Nazi motorcycles and large trucks. It was all so new and scary. My mother and I ran to a nearby village, but the Nazis found us, and we were taken to the ghetto,” says Eugenia.  

After Eugenia’s father died fighting the Nazis, she and her mother had to fend for themselves in the ghetto. They ate whatever they could find, even old potato skins that had been tossed out. All they knew was hunger, cold, and fear. To this day, she doesn’t know how she survived.

Today, Eugenia lives alone in Israel. She isolated herself to avoid catching the coronavirus, but you were there for her through CBN Israel. Our staff brings her groceries and takes the time to make sure she is all right. She admits, “In the beginning I was very scared of the virus and didn’t know how I could go out to get food. But having you come to check on me and bring me these groceries helped ease my mind.”

Because of the support of CBN Israel donors, Eugenia has the food she needs and someone to look after her. That helps keep her fears at bay. “It means so much that you remember me and care about me. It’s a great feeling and has helped me through this difficult time. Thank you.”

And CBN Israel is bringing help and hope to so many lonely seniors, single moms, refugees, young families, and others struggling in the Holy Land. At a time when many Israelis are in crisis, you can offer needed aid and encouragement. Your gifts can bring food, housing, financial help, and more to those in desperate situations. 

Please join us in blessing others in need!


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