Victim of Terrorism: Ludmilla’s Story

Ludmilla and her husband moved to Israel from Ukraine in 2000 and settled in Sderot. Her husband is now disabled—and at 62, she is his primary caregiver. With four children and eight grandchildren in Ukraine, the couple has no relatives nearby.

When COVID-19 first hit, Ludmilla worried that tighter travel restrictions might follow, so she persuaded her family to come and visit Israel. Her children had to return to Ukraine, but they agreed the grandchildren should stay longer. With Ukraine’s political unrest, Israel seemed safer for the grandkids. But then, Israel was targeted by non-stop rocket fire.

Although the children were confined to a safe space, they were terrified and suffered nightmares. Ludmilla felt guilty for inviting them. Suddenly, a rocket made a direct hit in their yard, blowing out their windows. The stress and shock Ludmilla felt triggered a heart attack, and she was hospitalized.

Yet, friends like you were there for her, through CBN Israel. Compassionate donors provided a financial grant for food, essentials, and repairs—while offering professional trauma counseling through local partners. 

Ludmilla now takes heart medication and is doing much better. The children are doing amazingly well, and their parents feel that they are still safer staying with their grandmother in Israel. Ludmilla is thrilled by the kindness she has received and says, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” 

Your gift can let other terror victims know they are not alone—along with helping immigrants, Holocaust survivors, and others in need. With so many in the Holy Land facing challenges, your support can supply them with groceries, shelter, and financial aid. 

Please help us reach those who are hurting!


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