Victims of Terrorism: Rima and Yaakov’s Story

Rima and Yaakov came to Israel from Belarus and became citizens in 2007—and they’ve always been happy about their decision to immigrate. These senior citizens are committed to staying in their town of Sderot, despite the fact that it is a target for bombings. 

But during a recent barrage of rocket attacks, their daughter, who lives an hour away, insisted they stay with her. Several days later, when the bombs subsided, they returned home—and were shocked to find their building had received a direct rocket hit, with huge damages. 

Their laundry room, washing machine, windows, and water pipes were destroyed. They were also shocked by the insurance assessment, which was much lower than expected. It wouldn’t cover the cost of repairs and replacing their belongings. Rima, 78, has had knee replacements and uses a walker to get around. She and Yaakov needed help—but where could they turn? 

Fortunately, friends like you were there for this couple through CBN Israel. Caring donors paid for emergency repairs, including the broken pipes and windows, and replaced her washing machine. Rima shared, “We are so grateful for your compassion during this difficult time!”

And your gift to CBN Israel can provide food, essentials, and trauma counseling for many other victims of terrorism, as well as reaching out to help single mothers, aging Holocaust survivors, and immigrant families in need. 

The cries continue daily in the Holy Land from those who are hurting. Your support can provide them with groceries, housing, and financial aid—while also reporting true stories and news from Jerusalem. You can be a blessing to this special land—join us today!

Please join us in blessing Israel and her people in need!


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