Victim of Terrorism: Alexander’s Story

Alexander’s family lives in the lovely seacoast city of Ashdod, located in southern Israel. But due to its close proximity to Gaza, it has become a target of rocket attacks from Hamas terrorists. 

At age 37, Alexander is a married father with three children. Over a year ago, his family traded apartments in the same building with his mother-in-law, a move that seemed to work for all of them. They spent the next year updating and renovating the apartment, despite COVID-19 delays, and replacing everything. They were waiting until it was finished before moving in. 

One day, Alexander’s mother-in-law was coming home from work, when suddenly an emergency siren went off. She froze as a rocket hit her family’s building, destroying their home and belongings in an instant. While the family was grateful that no one was hurt, they were severely shaken by losing everything and having to start over. And Alexander’s mother-in-law was traumatized; and still experiences terrible anxiety attacks. Where could this family turn?

Thankfully, friends like you came to their rescue through CBN Israel. Compassionate donors provided emergency funds to cover food and basic essentials. They also offered the family trauma counseling, giving them comfort and encouragement to move forward. Alexander exclaimed, “Thank you for your love and kindness. You have no idea how much it means to us!”

And your gift to CBN Israel can bless other terror victims—while offering groceries, housing, financial assistance, and job training to those in need. Many in the Holy Land are barely surviving. Your gifts can bring hope and crucial aid to refugees, elderly Holocaust survivors, lone soldiers, and more. 

Please help us reach out to those in crisis situations!


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