Business Development: Claudia’s Story

“My parents had no money, and so I found a way to make money myself,” Claudia said, remembering back to her impoverished childhood. At the age of eleven, she taught herself to sew and began making dolls to sell. 

But her life continued to be an uphill battle after her mother tragically passed away, followed soon by her grandmother. Claudia struggled to find a career that could support herself. 

Life improved for Claudia when she met her husband and start a family. She desired to stay at home with her three young daughters—but she knew she still needed an income, and starting a business felt daunting. 

Thankfully, friends like you were there. Through CBN Israel’s business development program, Claudia was able to get all of her questions answered through one-on-one mentoring while being guided through the process of starting her own business.

Today Claudia is successfully selling her handcrafted dolls throughout Tel Aviv. “Thank you … for all of your help,” she says, “I greatly appreciate your expert guidance and for helping me better understand how to successfully run my business. May God bless you!”

The needs are great in the Holy Land. You can give help and hope to aging Holocaust survivors, terror victims, lonely refugees, and others who are struggling. 

Your support can provide a lifeline for those in need across Israel—offering groceries, housing, financial aid, medical care, and more. 

Please join us in reaching out to others


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